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Today’s episode starts with Bondita asking Anirudh can’t he wait for 2 mins. Anirudh stands back. Bondita touches Anirudh’s feet and recalls her moments with him. She cries and apologizes in her heart for lying to Anirudh. She recalls her marriage with him. Anirudh turns his face to other side. Bondita carry away newspaper kept on the table with her. Anirudh recalls his moments with Bondita too and feels dejected.

Ahead, Bondita recalls her marriage with Anirudh and bids adieu to the palace. Meanwhile, Goddess Durga idol passes by. Bihari ask God to do something to return back Bondita soon. Koyali and Bihari cries for Bondita. Anirudh comes to the gate but turns back.

Further, Bondita sees famous temple of Tulsipur and asks cart man to stop the cart. She picks up the mud and thinks she will miss Tulsipur and everyone. At the same time, another idol of Goddess Durga passes. The chunri and sindoor from Goddess falls on Bondita.

Other side, Mini dances in joy thinking Bondita left forever. Anirudh comes at the same time and sees Mini dancing. He stands confused. Mini recalls Binoy’s word and stands stunned.

Here, a woman out there tells to Bondita that she will always be a married girl as she got blessing from Goddess Durgas. Bondita recalls her moments with Anirudh and his harsh words. She further gets happy smelling the mud. There, Anirudh checks if Mini can see. Mini pretends she is blind and asks Anirudh how is the decoration. She says she asked dida to decorate the room with the light. She cries. Anirudh promise to Mini that he will bring her eye-sight back. He reveals to Mini that he has sent Bondita home. Mini pretends and asks Anirudh why he sent Bondita home. Anirudh says he don’t know any girl of this name.

Later, Sampoorna visit Anirudh and urges him to bring back Bondita home. Anirudh asks Sampoorna if she knows why Bondita supported Brijvasi. He says he knows because Bondita is a liar. Sampporna feels helpless. Anirudh leaves the place.

Ahead, Bondita reach her village. Her friend tells her about her marriage. Bondita meets Sumati. Sumati ask about Anirudh. Devoleena thinks why Bondita returned alone. Sumati gets excited to welcomes Anirudh too later. Bondita stands speechless.

Further, Sumati asks Devoleena to welcome Bondita. Here, Binoy asks Bihari to throw away Bondita’s stuff. Anirudh enters the room. Binoy ask Anirudh to restart his life. Anirudh feels Bondita’s presence in the room. He thinks Bondita is asking questions from him.

Bondita questions to Anirudh why girl always get two houses that includes her mother’s home and in-laws house. But why no girl gets her own house where she can stay with full right and none can throw her out. Anirudh screams he don’t want to answer any of her questions. He asks her to go back. Koyali asks Anirudh what happened as Bondita already left. Anirudh says Bondita was here only.

Trilochan about to go on his work. Binoy stops him and says after what all happened, he suggests him to stay back. Meanwhile, Devoleena checks what Bondita brought from her house. She asks her husband to read the letter. Devoleena learns that Anirudh throw her out from the house. Bondita tells to Sumati about Anirudh’s other letter. (Episode Ends)