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The episode starts with Anirudh finding it difficult to hold the sword. Trilochan wonders why Anirudh’s hands are shaking. Anirudh starts fighting but can’t defeat them properly. He sees everything unclear. There Bondita understands that the spies are from Krishna Nagar. Binoy hides seeing the attackers. Sampurna thinks where Bondita and Binoy are going. She calls Vaijayanthi’s name. Bondita takes Binoy outside safely and they take richshaw ride. Binoy gets stressed and Bondita assures him nothing will happen to him.

Anirudh breaks a water pot with his sword and the water gets splashed on him. It cleans his face and he starts seeing everything clearly. He fights back and attacks all the fighters. He wins two rounds simultaneously. Chandrachur says Anirudh is smart but he still has the master stroke by which Anirudh will lose the competition. Krishna Nagar spies throw stones at the richshaw puller and he faints. Bondita somehow manages to escape with Binoy and she starts pulling the rickshaw herself. She heads towards the hospital but the spies trick Bondita by changing the road directions and she goes towards fighting ground unknowingly. Spies discuss that Chandrachur ordered them to take Binoy to the fighting ground. At one point spies block Bondita’s way and she starts pulling the rickshaw as fast as possible. She falls on ground after hitting a stone.

Anirudh fights with Chandrachur in final round and is about to win but Binoy enters the fighting ground after that. Everyone starts bullying him. Anirudh gets shocked to see Binoy there. He leaves the fighting spot to save Binoy and Chandrachur laughs. Somnath tells Anirudh to not leave the competition in midway but Anirudh says his father’s safety is more important. Bondita also enters to handle Binoy and Thakuma says what is she doing here. Host announces Krishna Nagar as the winner of the competition. Chandrachur succeeds in his plan.

Vaijayanthi’s father Jagannathan comes in the meantime and tells Trilochan that he saw Bondita left with Binoy from Haweli so he followed them. Jagannathan adds he came to give invitation card to Roychowdhurys for her daughter’s marriage. Bondita is left shocked to see him. Trilochan tells Jagannathan’s daughter is standing in front of him then why can’t he recognise her, she used to come for tuition in Roychowdhury haweli as well. Jagannathan replies Bondita is not his daughter but his own daughter couldn’t come for tuition as she was sick. He even wrote a letter to Trilochan. Chandrachur tells Thakuma that Bondita used to go to Roychowdhury haweli and she lied to them.

Thakuma gets furious. The previous spy of Chandrachur who was staying in Tulsipur comes and praises Bondita’s plan how she took Binoy here so that Anirudh loses the game. She is really smart. Anirudh questions Bondita what’s the truth, is she a spy of Krishna Nagar? Trilochan gets furious and says Bondita is double dealer. Before Bondita could speak Thakuma says why Bondita is standing with their enemies. Sampurna slaps Bondita and misunderstands her.

Sampurna says Bondita broke her trust and locked her in room so that she can take Binoy to fighting ground and win the game. Sampurna adds Bondita forgot everything regarding her past, what Anirudh did for her and only to win a silly game she crossed her line and deceived Roychowdhurys. Trilochan says he can’t believe Bondita planned against them who used to save their respect by all means when she was Anirudh’s wife. She is completely changed after becoming a barrister. Bondita tries to explain that she didn’t do anything wrong. She cries and asks for one chance to speak. Thakuma forces Bondita to leave from there. She tells her to celebrate Krishna Nagar’s victory. Anirudh checks Bondita’s tattoo and gets shocked.

Episode ends