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The episode starts with the house owner asking Anirudh where he is coming from, he found him near river. Anirudh struggles to talk and takes Bondita’s name. He recalls the accident when he drowned. He writes Bondita’s name and there Bondita prays for Anirudh. Mallika enters Batuk’s room and steals his one lense so that he gets caught. She enters temple where Bondita is praying. She keeps one lense there and leaves. She hides to see Bondita’s reaction. Batuk gets ready but doesn’t find his another lense. Bondita finds it and wonders who is using it. Mallika gets happy seeing that. Batuk searches for his second lense and Bondita enters room.

Batuk hides his one eye seeing her. Bondita talks to him and he turns back. Mallika gets shocked seeing that Batuk wore both lenses. Batuk recalls how he always has a plan B and he took one extra box from the pillow cover. Bondita questions Batuk whose lense is this. Batuk gets hyper and replies that how come he will know that. She can’t behave like a barrister all the time, she should focus on her child. He leaves in anger. Bondita decides to find out the truth. Batuk thinks how she got his lense.

Batuk gets emotional and misses Anirudh. He says it’s been four months and now after few months Anirudh’s child will finally come to this world and he will get Bondita out of the house. Anirudh is resting and the doctor says Anirudh needs courage and strength to meet his family only then he will be fine. Bondita sees her baby bump and feels baby is kicking. She tells Batuk about it and tells him to touch her belly but he hesitates and leaves. Bondita feels weird.

Six months later, Mallika back hugs Batuk and says today is her birthday so she wants to party with him all night. Batuk tells her to control her emotions and gives Italy ticket to her as a gift. He says Bondita should not doubt them at any cost so she has to leave a day after tomorrow. Mallika leaves. Bondita does aarti and one person called Prabhudas pleads before Bondita all of a sudden. He pleads her to fight his daughter’s case. Bondita agrees to help him but Trilochan says Bondita won’t fight any case in this condition. That girl’s parents plead Bondita to understand their situation as she is also going to be a mother and since his daughter is a widow and her child will be snatched from her so Bondita should understand her pain. Bondita recalls her mother’s struggle. Mallika talks to her mother and says she can’t return right now but Batuk is being crazy for Anirudh’s child. Her mother suggests her to kill Bondita’s child by feeding her poisonous white mushroom.

Bondita asks for blessings from Trilochan. He asks her what does she want. Bondita replies she will fight case for that widow, if she denies she won’t be able to face herself anymore. She can’t let that widow cry for her own child. Bondita is about to leave but Trilochan says if Bondita leaves they will cut ties with her. Bondita leaves and Trilochan tells Batuk not to stop her. Bondita steps out of the house and thinks to end society’s crimes she has to sacrifice her own relations. Batuk observes her.

Episode ends