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The episode starts with Trilochan getting happy that Mallika left. Bondita comes and asks Batuk why Malika left suddenly and didn’t inform anyone. She is worried for her. Batuk replies she left as Batuk doesn’t want to return back from Italy. Bondita doesn’t need to worry for her. She should focus on herself. Trilochan says it’s good that Mallika left. Bondita asks why. Trilochan covers it up saying he is happy that someone will be there to take care of Batuk and Mallika won’t get anything by staying in mansion so she left for her own good.

Bondita gets suspicious and Batuk tells her to go to see the doctor as she has appointment, he won’t go with her as he will go to court. Bondita wonders why Batuk scolded her for asking about Mallika and why Trilochan is not bothered with Batuk not coming back again. Bondita gets a call that Anirudh’s belongings she has to collect. Bondita agrees and leaves. Trilochan tells Batuk he sent Sampurna and Bihari to market now they can start the funeral puja for Anirudh as its been six months he is dead.

Bondita talks to the person who gives her Anirudh’s belongings. She gets shocked seeing late Anirudh Roychowdhury name. She asks him why is it so as Anirudh is alive and is staying with her. The person replies the fishermen who got Anirudh’s stuffs saw Anirudh’s body floated away then how can he be alive. Bondita gets shocked and calls in court to talk to Anirudh but learns he is not there and he is absent for six months. Bondita calls in the mansion and there Trilochan and Batuk are doing puja for Anirudh. Batuk receives the call and keeps the receiver aside after getting annoyed and Bondita overhears Trilochan’s talk. He says Anirudh’s soul should rest in peace as he left them. She gets heartbroken hearing that and cuts the call.

Anirudh tries to write a letter and takes the pen with trembling hand. He writes two words and the house owner says he is getting better. Batuk learns from doctor that Bondita’s reports are not good as she is mentally upset. Batuk assures him he will take care of her fully. Bondita walks alone in street and gets emotional. She recalls how Anirudh drowned. She gets inside the mansion and sees mouth organ and recalls Batuk playing it. Batuk said one criminal taught him to play it. She wonders if Anirudh is dead who is the look alike. She asks Bihari where is Patibabu. Bihari says he is not home but he gives her Mallika’s locket.

Bondita checks it and gets shocked seeing Batuk’s photo in it which was absent previously. Bondita says he looks like Anirudh but his eyes are different. She recalls the lense incident. She goes to Batuk’s room to search for proof. She finds his passport where she sees his picture and name. She understands Batuk is Anirudh’s lookalike. She goes to check Batuk’s cupboard and gets suspicious seeing the pillow. She sees lenses too. She matches the photos and locket picture. She says means the person who is staying in the house is Batuk not Anirudh.

Episode ends