Barrister Babu Spoiler: Anirudh and Bondita takes vows to complete their marriage
Barrister Babu Spoiler: Anirudh and Bondita takes vows to complete their marriage

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Episode starts with Bondita saying Anirudh that why is he hating their relationship all of a sudden? Why this relationship is impure for him. Trilochan says no matter what Anirudh says the relationship between husband and wife is pure. Bondita says yes the relation between us is made with dedication.

Sampoorna says by exchanging garlands accept your relationship truly. Anirudh says our relation is not like other married couples. Our minds are not connected. Hear it clearly. We don’t have any relationship. Bondita keeps on saying why are you not accepting our relationship is true and pure. Your cheeks looked red as well as mine. You cared for me, you taught me many good lessons. You sang lullaby for me, you cooked for me, you protected me. Are these not signals that you were trying to give me? Please accept it.

Anirudh says I have done all these to fulfill responsibility only. He stops himself from saying that who he was thinking of while smiling. Bondita says you applied vermilion on my head, I wear sakha pola, then why it can’t be called marraige? Anirudh says our marriage is exceptional. But this is all fake. Our relationship is not true. Bondita says haven’t we taken pheras! Is this not my sasural? Anirudh shouts at her saying I just wanted to stop malpractice.

In order to do that I accepted another malpractice. That is our marriage. You are just my responsibility. Nothing else. I want you to reach heights thats it. Don’t expect anything else. He leaves. Bondita starts crying. She asks everyone why their marriage is an evil custom? Why it can’t be a successful marriage. Answer me. Sampoorna tells what happened to Bondita. That she was going to be an old man’s wife but before she becomes wife her husband died and because of Sati custom people were tried to burn you alive with your husband. Anirudh stopped them and married you to save you.

Anirudh’s marriage got fixed with Saudamini. Bondita says it can’t be true. Sampoorna says then ask Trilochan. He is only pitying on you. He married you to fulfill your responsibility. You got so much respect but what Anirudh got? You didn’t give him any pleasure. Then why he will accept you! You should be grateful to him that you didn’t get married to an old man. Your marriage at this age is called child marriage. That is also a malpractice. Trilochan shouts at Sampoorna to stop digging past incident.

Bondita says I don’t believe this. She goes to talk to Anirudh saying am I a burden to you? You only married me to save me from Aati custom. Anirudh keeps closing all the windows seeing Bondita . Anirudh ignores her. Bondita insists. Anirudh says yes it’s true what Sampoorna said. Now get it inside your head. He leaves being sad. Bondita starts crying. Anirudh also gets upset.