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Today’s episode starts with Anirudh asking villagers to disrespect him the same way like they did with Bondita. A man out there says man can’t be called as left man. Anirudh says than why they accused Bondita. He cries and recalls his moments with Anirudh. There, Bondita in sleep calls for Anirudh.

Anirudh says he is not able make an eye contact with anyone. He says left woman is not inauspicious but they are a proud of the society. He adds Bondita didn’t needed any favor as she was capable to fight back. In the meantime, Sumati regains her consciousness. Anirudh says they all are at guilty because they did wrong with Bondita.

Sumati comes and looks for Bondita. She reveals that she remembers someone came to pick her up. Devoleena tries to cover up the talk and says Bondita ran away. Sumati says something is fishy. She asks Devoleena where is Bondita. Anirudh tries to give support to Sumati. Sumati refuses to take favor from Anirudh and says he left Bondtia thus, they share no relation too. She calls him ‘Anirudh babu’. Anirudh stands shocked.

Sumati says to Anirudh that he left Bondita. She asks villagers to find out her daughter. She cries and lashes out villagers for treating Bondita badly. She screams and coughs. Anirudh brings water for Sumati. Sumati throws the water and says if she will drink water by his hand than she won’t be able to show her face to Bondita ever. Anirudh asks for apology. Sumati refuses to give apology to Anirudh and asks him to leave.

Later, Anirudh prays to God. In the parallel scene, Bondita’s cart gets stuck in the middle of the road. Anirudh vows to Sumati that he will find Bondita anyhow. He says till he will not find Bondita, he too will not go back to his house.

There, man wakes up Bondita. Sumati says to Anirudh that she too will come with him. Anirudh says to her that he alone will find Bondita and will bring her back. He asks Sumati to take care of herself. Sumati asks Anirudh how he will find her. Anirudh replies to her that, if his regret is true than Goddess Durga herself will help him.

Ahead, Bondita’s slate falls from her bag. Sumati blesses Anirudh and asks him to go and bring Bondita. Anirudh before leaving asks Sundaram and Devoleena to take care of Sumati same way like she took care of Sampoorna. He says she saved Bondita’s life. He adds if their hand is not behind Bondita missing. Sundaram says they have always took care of Bondita. Post returning Bondtia used to talk about Gandhji and used to sing ‘Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram’.

Anirudh decodes, man kidnapped Bondita. He rushes to look for her. He finds a little girl with a slate and recalls his moments with Bondita.

Here, Munshi informs Trilochan that Bondita left village and Anirudh is behind her to bring her back. Trilochan accuses himself for all the mess. Bihari cries too.

Anirudh asks the girl if the slate belongs to her. Girl says no and tells it has fallen from the girl’s bag who was passing by. Anirudh says Bondita. Girl returns slate to Anirudh and asks him to give it back to her.

Bondita sees Anirudh’s picture and asks the vendor to give her that piece of paper. Vendor asks for money. Bondita says she doesn’t have but in return she can clean her shop. Vendor asks Bondita not to disturb her. Anirudh too reaches the station and looks for Bondita. Bondita’s owner sees Anirudh and thinks if Anirudh will spot Bondita than his plan will be ruined.

Before, Anirudh could reach Bondita man took her away from their. Anirudh learned from the shopman that Bondita was right here and was asking him to give her the magazine because it has her husband’s picture. Anirudh asks him to show. Shopman finds that page missing and accuses Bondita for his loss. Anirudh gets angry at the shopkeeper. He angrily throws money at the shop. Ahead, Anirudh learned that Bondita left for Kolkata. (Episode Ends)

Precap:  Bondita reaches the market place and feels odd. She thinks place seems uncomfortable. Bondita gets new name ‘bulbul’. Anirudh reaches Kolkata too.