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Colors TV show Barrister Babu shows the return of Anirudh’s look alike brother Batuk. Batuk’s hatred for Bondita’s will grow up and to even more when he looses his brother for her. Batuk planned to act like Anirudh till Bondita gives birth to her child. Bondita has started to grow suspicious of Batuk’s strange behavior. Batuk plans to separate Bondita from her sisters because he got separated from his brothers. Batuk’s girlfriend returns to India.

In previous episodes Bondita got to know one registry post has come for Batuk. She wondered how come he will take it from Italy. Batuk panicked after knowing it. It was done by Mallika who wants Bondita to know about Batuk’s reality. She provoked her to receive the parcel of Batuk. Bondita bumped into Batuk while the latter tried to collect his parcel. He ran away and Bondita fainted due to an accident while chasing him. Later Batuk scolded her for going out without permission. Bondita also took stand for herself and she also called Mallika to know if she knew Batuk is in Tulsipur.

In future episodes, Bondita will decide to fight case for a widow after 6 months. Trilochan will not allow her but she will not listen to him. There Batuk will tells Mallika to leave for Italy as Bondita may doubt them anytime. Mallika will think of killing Bondita’s child. There Anirudh will slowly recover in another place and will take Bondita’s name. Batuk will plan to take Anirudh’s child and will plan to get Bondita out of the house. Bondita will go against Trilochan’s will.

Will Bondita find Anirudh ?

Will Batuk get exposed?

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