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Colors TV popular show Barrister Babu has always kept its audience gripped to their seat with its engaging yet progressive storyline. Earlier it’s seen that Manorama impressed Queen Bhaibhavi by stealing Bondita’s cake while Bhaibhavi invited her for the concert. Now it will be seen that Bondita will try to wear Manorama’s bomb jacket while Manorama will lash out at her for her action.

Previously we have witnessed, Bondita made cake for Anirudh. Queen Bhaibhavi visited Roychowdhurys and insulted Sampoorna who tried to get in her good books. Bhaibavi liked Manorama while Manorama gone to bring her cake. Manorama found the cake burnt and wondered what to do. Manorama found Bondita’s cake and served it to Bhaibavi to handle the situation.

Bondita exposed Manorama in front of Bhaibavi and the family became a laughing stock in front of Bhaibavi. Anirudh explained Bondita to protect the family’s reputation. Bondita lied and apologized that the cake was made by Manorama and she has acted out of jealousy. Bhaibavi allowed Manorama to attend the concert.

In the future we will see that, Binoy will happily announce about getting invited for the Vice Roy concert. Manorama will plan to kill Vice Roy using a bomb. Anirudh will stitch a jacket for Manorama for her to wear for the concert. Manorama will be happy as the jacket will be designed in the same way as she wanted to place the bomb. Manorama will place the bomb in the jacket and will be ready for her mission. Bondita will be sad seeing Anirudh stitching jacket for Manorama.

She will wear the jacket without Manorama’s knowledge and Manorama will panic for Bondita’s safety. She will lash out at Bondita for touching her stuffs. Trilochan will get angry at Manorama for her behaviour and will ask her to touch Bondita’s feet for forgiveness. Manorama will try to touch her feet but Bondita will stop her. Bondita will prepare a new jacket like Manorama so that she can replace the original. Bondita will be determined to wear Manorama’s bomb jacket.

Will Anirudh learn about Manorama’s plan in the concert? Will Anirudh stop Bondita from risking her life?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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