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This week began with Bondita saving Binoy from an accident while Anirudh gets emotional seeing Binoy. Anirudh lashes out at Somnath who speaks negative about Binoy’s condition. He shares his heart feelings with Vaijayanthi. Chandrachur on the other hand plans to marry Bondita. He makes his mother pretend like scolding Tupur for not having a child while his mother confesses to Thakuma that she’s going find another girl for her son. Bondita wishes to reveal her identity to Anirudh but then have a change of heart. She decides to reveal her identity to Anirudh only after he confesses his real feelings for Bondita.

Anirudh tries to keep himself away from Vaijayanthi while Vaijayanthi tries to bring out his true self. She plans Saswati’s birthday party and makes sure that Anirudh participates in it. Sampoorna notices Vaijayanthi’s bubbly nature and asks Trilochan to get her married to Anirudh. Trilochan says that Anirudh doesn’t like Vaijayanthi and will not agree for the marriage. On the other hand, Chandrachur manipulates Tupur in believing that Bondita will be the right person for his second marriage. Bondita brings Binoy for the birthday celebration and Saswati cuts the cake. Later Bondita makes Anirudh attend the fun events in the party. Chandrachur’s spy spots Bondita staying as Vaijayanthi and decides to inform it to Chandrachur.

Bondita says she will make Anirudh lose in the competition. Sampurna notices Anirudh’s changed behaviour and tells Trilochan that because of Vaijayanthi Anirudh became happy again like how he used to be eight years ago.

Anirudh and Bondita start the game of pulling rope. Anirudh refuses to take anyone’s help but kids pull the rope using all their strength and Anirudh fails to handle them. Bondita helps Anirudh and they win the game. Bondita calls him Sakha Babu out of excitement and Anirudh gets shocked. He asks her what did she just say. Bondita diverts the topic. Later she tells him to smile for once. They stare at each other and kids tie them with rope without their knowledge. Anirudh and Bondita try to free themselves. They blame each other for not realising what kids were doing. Anirudh tells Bondita to shut her mouth for some time. Bondita turns back and Anirudh notices the injury on her back. He questions her to tell the truth who is she. He aims gun at her. Bondita gets scared. Sampurna tells Anirudh how Vaijayanthi got hurt and she also tells him not to suspect everyone around him. Sampurna says Vaijayanthi is good hearted and she just wants to bring smile on Anirudh’s face. Anirudh says sorry to Bondita and frees themselves.

Chandrachur’s spy rushes to inform Chandrachur about Bondita’s truth. Kids notice the rasgullas and Anirudh gets furious seeing that. He asks everyone who brought rasgullas. Bondita says she brought it. Anirudh tries to throw the rasgullas away saying kids won’t eat it, it will cause dental problems. But Bondita starts laughing and says she can eat many rasgullas at one go. Anirudh recalls child Bondita. She tries to convince Anirudh saying sweetness is needed to live a happy life. Anirudh objects to the idea and says he has spent his life with bitterness so he doesn’t believe sweetness is necessary. He starts eating chillies to prove Bondita wrong and everyone tries to prevent him from eating them. Bondita also becomes adamant and starts eating chillies to stop Anirudh. Trilochan tells both of them to stop their drama. Vaijayanthi tells Saswati to feed rasgullas to Anirudh first but Anirudh orders Saswati to feed Vaijayanthi. Anirudh says he doesnt like rasgullas. Bondita says she won’t eat if Anirudh refuses to eat. Anirudh forcefully feeds rasgulla to Bondita and says he has buried his past which is related to rasgullas. He tells her not to force him for this type of things again. Bondita puts one rasgulla in his mouth while he was talking. Anirudh gets shocked and leaves.

Chandrachur’s spy tries to inform Chandrachur about Bondita but due to mud on his body Chandrachur fails to recognise him and beats him instead then leaves with his men.

Anirudh is about throw away the rasgulla but eats it recalling child Bondita. He gets teary and relishes his memory. Bondita notices him and gets overwhelmed. She eats rasgulla too and hopes Anirudh will change his mind soon.

Chandrachur pressurizes Tupur and says she will convince Bondita to marry him else he will leave her forever and she will get taunts from society. Later Anirudh tells Vihari to feed rasgullas to kids instead of throwing it away. Bondita gets happy seeing that and feels Anirudh will soon accept his feelings for her.

Bondita notices that Tupur is crying. She consoles Tupur saying she won’t let anything happen to her. She couldn’t stop her child marriage but will make sure that Chandrachur doesn’t marry any other girl. Tupur vents out her fury saying why even Bondita returned back from London. Bondita assumes Tupur is sad because of her mother in law’s harsh words.

Anirudh instructs sword fighters to practice in proper way. Bondita finds another way to remind Anirudh of his past. Bondita starts playing piano like a dissonant. Anirudh gets interrupted and he comes to her and says its tuneless. Why Bondita is playing it when she is inexperienced. Bondita says she can play the piano and will buy it from him. Anirudh gets shocked and says she won’t take it. Trilochan says Anirudh doesn’t play the piano anymore so it would be better if someone else uses it. Anirudh refuses to give the piano so Bondita says he has to prove that he can play piano, only then she will not take it. Anirudh remains silent and recalls his past. Bondita thinks Anirudh should play the piano before they leave. Anirudh starts playing the tune of hum honge kamyab song. Bondita gets teary and everyone listens to that. Trilochan says after eight long years Anirudh is playing the piano still it sounds melodious. Anirudh locks himself in room and starts crying. Bondita says men can also cry, he should not control his tears. Bondita starts singing hum honge kamyab song to lift up his mood. Anirudh gets irked and warns her to not cross her line. He says tomorrow will be her last day in his mansion. Bondita gets disheartened to know that. She thinks she has to win Anirudh’s heart within one day.

Somnath brings Chandrachur’s spy and informs Anirudh that the spy was trying to give information to Krishna Nagar people. But Somnath caught him. Somnath interrogates the spy and the lattter falls unconscious. Bondita talks to Dugga Ma that Anirudh is not expressing his feelings owing to the rivalry between Krishna Nagar and Tulsipur. She says she will make things right once Anirudh will accept her.

Anirudh asks Bondita if she wants to know anything from him on her last day. Bondita touches his foot and says he made her a literate woman, she wants to show gratitude to him. Later Bondita says she rearranged his all books alphabetically. Anirudh gets annoyed and messes up everything. He says he is habituated with all the mess. Vaijayanthi should not try to change it.

Chandrachur asks Tupur whether she talked to Thakuma about his marriage with Bondita or not. Tupur replies Thakuma will question her why she chose Bondita and not Tapur. Chandrachur says Tapur will become widow after marriage, her Kundali says that. So Thakuma won’t take risk by choosing Tapur as the bride. He threatens Tupur to talk about his second marriage soon.

Bondita comes to Anirudh and the latter hides his face with a paper to avoid her. Bondita says she wants to ask a question. Anirudh shows his face and Bondita applies red color on his face. She says Anirudh only told he likes being messy so she put the color. Anirudh cleans his face after recalling holi celebrations with child Bondita. He breaks the mirror angrily. Bondita hides in a box seeing him coming out of room. She notices Chandrachur’s spy in the house. Anirudh questions him what he saw during birthday party. Bondita gets scared thinking her secret will get exposed now. She diverts Anirudh and Somnath’s attention by throwing a stone. Anirudh and Somnath go out to check. Bondita comes out of box and tells spy to not reveal her name. She lies that she is here as spy and to keep eyes on Anirudh. She wants to know what Anirudh is planning for sword competition. Anirudh overhears that.

In future episodes, Bondita will wear barrister robe to bring out Anirudh’s real self and his love for her. She will tell Anirudh to wear it as well. But Anirudh will get furious and will lock her in a room. Bondita will get worried thinking how will she make Anirudh accept his real feelings in last few hours.

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