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Colors TV show Barrister Babu shows the return of Anirudh’s look alike brother Batuk. Bonditta is protesting for the rights of widow working for the latest case she took. Bonditta stands for out at the end of the for widths and tells her widows and their right for Kumud. Bonditta is about to meet an a tragedy because of her supporter’s in and to widows. Batuk’s hatred for Bonditta’s will grow up and to to even more when he looses his brother for her. How will Batuk take his revenge? Will Bonditta find out about Batuk’s plan?

Batuk sneaked into Tapur’s room and he replaced Tapur’s letter with another letter. Next morning Tapur stopped Som to tell him something but is unable to say. Tapur gave him the letter and says this is what she wanted to tell. Som told he will read it later. Bonditta got excited watching so many dishes on the breakfast table.Tapur told today Anirudh jamai babu will feed Bonditta with his own hand. Bonditta thought which perfume has Anirudh applied she felt like vomitting from it’s smell. Batuk asked her why is she not eating did she change her mind again? Bonditta tried eating but vomits on Batuk. Batuk shouted at her.

Batuk told Trilochan that Anirudh did everything for Bonditta and what did she give her? He died saving Bonditta. Som read the letter given to him by Tapur. He reads Tapur is a devotee of Lord Shiva and she wants his idol placed along with Maa Durga in the house and if he accepts this condition than drop a orange flower. Som gives Tapur an orange flower. Batuk calls Trilochan and tells him to decide a date for Som and Tapur’s aashirwaad.

Bonditta asked Tapur did she give the letter to Som with her own hand? Tupur told Bonditta to stop thinking and start preparing for the ceremony. Batuk thought on this ceremony Bonditta will get seperated from her sisters. Bondiita told Batuk she knew he is hiding something. The episode ended with Batuk asking what is he hiding?

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