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The episode starts with Siddhi is about to pick up the poster but Sagar calls her. He says he could not see his sister in pain so he came. Siddhi says Shiva is fighting for his life still Sagar is holding grudges. Sagar says Shiva hurt his self respect so he was being hesitant. Siddhi is about to tell about Shiva’s good work to Sagar but he diverts the topic and tells Siddhi to forget previous happenings. Bhave notices constable in Shiva’s room and calls him. He acts like a stranger and tells Narpat’s men are waiting outside. Constable informs the inspector to increase the security. Sagar diverts Siddhi’s mind so that she doesn’t go to Shiva’s room. He tells her to take rest. Siddhi says she misunderstood a person who is no less than a God. Sagar says Shiva slapped him how can she forget also he got married to Siddhi forcibly. Siddhi says there was a huge misunderstanding, she took it all wrong and once Shiva gets better everything will be clear. Siddhi tries convincing Sagar but in vain. He says she must be feeling hungry. He takes her with him to have food.

Sagar eats Vada and tells Siddhi its really spicy, he goes to drink water. Sagar receives Bhave’s message that he can execute his plan now as noone is with Shiva. Siddhi’s food falls down by mistake. Shiva’s last rite picture blows and reaches Siddhi. She gets shocked to see that. She thinks nothing can happen to Shiva, she will save him. She rushes to see him. Sagar enters Shiva’s room and is about to remove his oxygen mask but Siddhi comes in the meantime and slaps Sagar. Bhave notices that. Siddhi gets furious and holds Sagar by his collar. She drags him outside.

Bhave informs Akkabai and the latter tells Sarkar his plan failed, she scolds him saying he didn’t learn anything from his cunning mother. She is the best politician in Rudrait and because of her intuition she saved Sarkar today. She shows Sagar’s video to Sarkar saying she made the video on right time to manage the situation. Sagar is telling he will kill Shiva. Sarkar praises Akkabai’s planning.

Siddhi questions Sagar on road. She says you stoop so low that you thought of killing Shiva out of anger. How can he try killing Shiva when he knows Shiva is her husband. Sagar says he is just trying to save his sister. Siddhi says you are coward, you couldn’t stop the marriage that time and now you are trying to kill a person who is already struggling to breath. Sagar asks are you happy with Shiva? Siddhi says stop your nonsense. He ruined Ishvar’s reputation too. Siddhi is about to call the police but Sagar reveals Akkabai told him to kill Shiva. He is here to do her work. Siddhi gets shocked to hear that. Police arrives and arrests Sagar. He shows the proof against him. Sagar pleads Siddhi to save him but she ignores him.

Siddhi talks to Shiva and says she still can’t believe her own brother wanted to kill Shiva. She says she is being rude to Shiva from the start. She couldn’t see his goodness, she became blind in anger and accused him all the time. She says she totally screwed up everything and she doesn’t deserve to get apology from him. She prays so that Shiva regains his consciousness. She says once it happens, Shiva will be able to decide what punishment he will give to her. She will accept that. She tells him to get up and gets heartbroken. She is about to leave but Shiva holds her hand. Siddhi calls the doctor. He pulls her hand near his chest. He says you are really talkative. Siddhi gets emotional and they look at each other. She holds her hand.

Episode ends