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Episode starts with Siddhi talking to Doctor regarding Yashwant’s health. Shiva says they can leave for exam, they still have time. Siddhi says its her decision. She won’t give exam this year. She leaves. Shiva says he is also adamant, he can’t let Siddhi waste her one year. He will do something.

Siddhi takes care of Yashwant and Mangal pulls her aside. She says she can take care of her husband. Siddhi doesn’t to need to show concern. Sonal asks Mangal why is she blaming Siddhi for no reason. Siddhi explains when to give the medicines to Yashwant. She leaves and gets upset.

Shiva reaches exam centre and requests one of his known men to leak the exam question papers. Shiva covers his face and distributes the leaked papers to students outside..

Siddhi thinks Yashwant gained his consciousness but she can’t give her exam as time is over already. Sonal tells Siddhi to meet Yashwant as he is waiting to see her. Siddhi asks Yashwant how is he feeling now? Yashwant gets upset over the fact that because of his health Siddhi couldn’t give her exam. Siddhi says she will give next year, that doesn’t matter to her. Mangal comes and glares at Siddhi. She also gets happy thinking Siddhi skipped her exam finally. Mangal later gives medicines to Yashwant.

Guards see Shiva distributing the question papers so they chase him. Shiva throws the papers away and starts running. He gets hurt too. He wear goggles and somehow manages to escape. Siddhi shares everything with Ishvar. Ishvar feels proud that she gave importance to her family. Siddhi says she learned all these from him only. Mangal and Vilas make fun of Siddhi and imitate her. Mangal laughs at Siddhi saying she failed to give her exam. Siddhi looks at them angrily and goes to her room.

She starts crying. She sees her books given by Shiva. She hugs them and cries. Shiva enters room and comes to Siddhi. He asks how is Yashwant now? Siddhi wipes her tears and says he is fine. Shiva lies that he left for Akka Bai’s vital work. Siddhi gets Ishvar’s call and gets to know the exam got cancelled. She gets overjoyed after learning that the exam got postponed. She is about to hug Shiva out of excitement but later she controls herself. She holds Shiva arm and expresses her happiness. Shiva feels pain as he got injured and he replies he is also happy for her. Shiva thinks what he wants he gets it by hook or crook.

Mangal plans to sell Siddhi’s books as she can’t give exam now. She mocks Siddhi saying now she doesnt need her books and she can buy a radio instead using that money. Sonal tells Mangal to show empathy. Mangal suggests Sonal to sell her books too as she will fail again. Siddhi stops Sonal from reacting and thanks Mangal for her concern, she also informs her that her exam got postponed. Mangal gets shocked to hear that.

Episode ends