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The episode starts with Yashwant telling Siddhi that Shiva can’t misbehave with a woman. Shiva comes and helps Siddhi in treating Yashwant’s wound. Siddhi and Shiva’s hands get touched. Their flashbacks are shown. Yashwant prays for their togetherness.

Mangal taunts Siddhi the next day and calls her a bad omen for Shiva. Shiva tries to stop her. Siddhi gets heartbroken and leaves. Vijaya tells Sonal that Siddhi and Shiva love each other but they won’t express their love. Shiva recalls Akkabai’s words regarding divorce. Shiva finds Siddhi in the restroom and the latter falls unconscious due to high fever. Shiva lifts her and makes her lie on bed. He takes care for her and holds her hand. Siddhi asks him what has he decided about their marriage? She says she can accept all kind of punishment for him. She says Shiva proved he has a big heart by getting her released from jail. She keeps on apologising to Shiva. Shiva tells her to stop talking.

Siddhi wakes up and chants the mantra. She thinks what will be Shiva’s decision. At dining table Mangal thinks Siddhi isn’t leaving Shiva even after all these. She is about to leave but Yashwant asks her why is she disrespecting food. Mangal says he can trust Siddhi who tried to kill his son but can’t trust Sarkar who loves Sonal and even apologised for a misunderstanding.

Siddhi comes out of her room and Sonal tells her to take rest. Siddhi gets worried thinking about Shiva’s decision. Shiva reaches Akkabai’s house to inform her that he won’t divorce Siddhi. Jalwa gets call from Bhave and learns Akkabai reached Shiva’s house. Shiva gets surprised to hear that.

Akkabai tells Siddhi to sign the divorce papers. She says Siddhi doesn’t need to worry about the formalities or the divorce proceedings. She will submit the paper in court. Siddhi says if Shiva tells this to her then only she will believe otherwise not. Shiva enters home and Yashwant loses his calm. He grabs Shiva’s collar and questions how can he divorce Siddhi who is his saviour. Akkabai tells Shiva also wants the divorce. Yashwant is about to slap Shiva but Siddhi stops him. Siddhi says its not Shiva’s fault, she will accept the punishment. Siddhi is about to sign the divorce papers but Shiva stops her from doing so. He says its a personal matter of a husband and wife. They need time to think. Akkabai says take your time. Though your relationship is temporary.

Sonal asks Siddhi what she is feeling. Siddhi gets emotional and says she hated Shiva earlier but now when she wants him in her life they will get separated. Siddhi says its all her fault, she didn’t do anything to save this marriage now she has no right to stop the divorce. Sonal consoles her saying she will talk to Shiva. Mangal overhears that and gets happy to see Siddhi in pain.

Siddhi and Shiva meet each other and their flashbacks are shown. They stare at each other. Shiva asks Siddhi will she sign the papers for real? Siddhi says its her fault so she will accept the punishment. He only brought the papers without asking her. He discussed with Akkabai already. Shiva pulls her closer and says how can she think like that. Why he has to tell her everything clearly. Siddhi says if she signs the papers his sufferings will end. It is good for him. She goes to sign the papers. Shiva feels helpless.

Episode ends