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Episode starts with Mangal informing Siddhi about Ishvar’s arrest. She says she didn’t break Siddhi’s concentration as she was praying. Siddhi rushes to police station. Siddhi gets tired and bumps into Narpat’s car. Siddhi reveals Police arrested Ishvar. Narpat takes Siddhi with him. Inspector says they released Ishvar because they had no proof against him. They only interrogated him. Siddhi feels relaxed and Narpat thinks he couldn’t win Siddhi’s trust by saving her father.

Siddhi talks to Ishvar. Malini asks why she was not receiving their call. Akka Bai arrives and reveals she saved Ishvar as they are like family. Akka Bai taunts Narpat and he gets annoyed. He leaves.

Ishvar says Sagar threatened that lady with some goons without my knowledge. What’s the need. Ishvar says she won’t forgive Sagar. That lady filed complaint due to that. Siddhi tells him to take care of himself. Ishvar thanks Akka Bai for her help. Siddhi says she will return her favor soon. Akka Bai says time will tell.

Siddhi notices her poster hoarding and gets shocked. She says I am not someone’s property that they will use me for their own selfish reasons. Siddhi notices Sagar and questions him where was he and why he was absent while Ishvar got arrested. Sagar lies to her and puts the blame on Shiva. Sagar says Shiva threatened that lady with goons when he just shared about the land issue. It was Shiva’s greed due to which he took this step. Siddhi gets shocked and says if Shiva is really behind this she won’t spare him

Jalwa asks Shiva how will he convince Siddhi for attending the function. Shiva says she won’t agree to come. He goes to talk to Akka Bai. Later Shiva gets surprised to know that Ishvar was arrested. Akka Bai says means Siddhi didn’t inform you. She seeked help from Narpat but not from you. It doesn’t look good to seek help from our enemy. Akka Bai adds Shiva should control his wife instead of getting scared of her. She tells him to bring Siddhi in the function. She should get dressed up well. Shiva thinks how will he tell Siddhi won’t come. Shiva says he will talk to Siddhi.

Shiva enters his room and asks why Siddhi took help from Narpat. Siddhi says why you interfered in that land matter. Shiva says Sagar asked for help that’s why he interfered. Siddhi says why he used her pictures to fulfil Akka Bai’s wish, he didn’t ask about her opinion. She calls Shiva Akka Bai’s puppet. She refuses to attend the function as she is not interested in his party’s work.

Episode ends.