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Episode starts with Siddhi covering that girl’s body with dupatta. Everyone clicks picture of her. That girl cries a lot. Siddhi gives her water. That girl says I didn’t do anything. Siddhi consoles her and hugs her. She tells I hope someone stopped that thing from happening. Siddhi tells her to file a complaint. But that girl says I can’t.

Siddhi recalls everything while walking. She hugs her father and he says she must be feeling sad over her marriage as she will leave her family. Sagar gives her imlie golis to eat. Siddhi gets happy seeing that.

Siddhi is unable to forget the incident. Seeing her worried face her father sits beside her. He says why is she sad? Siddhi tells lie. Her father says you can’t hide the truth from me. Tell me what happened. Siddhi shares about the incident and says no one was helping her but she helped still that girl didn’t take any step. Malini comes and asks about the marriage arrangements. Siddhi’s father explains everything. He says he has arranged car decorated with flowers for Siddhi. Siddhi says she will not go by that car. Her father says its ritual only. Malini tells she will tie Durga Kawach on Siddhi’s hand. Siddhi remains upset over the incident and thinks no kawach can save somebody. Her father says courage is the only kawach. Tolerating injustice is equally bad.

One inspector meets Siddhi and tells why she didn’t file complaint against those goons. You helped that girl but didn’t show courage to go to police station. Siddhi says she can’t go as its her wedding but inspector says its her wedding but that girl may lose her life.

Marraige function starts and Siddhi gets into deep thought. She keeps thinking about her father’s words that taking stand is important. Akka Bai makes an entry. She sings a song. One lady requests her to dance with them. Akka Bai says she would love to dance but people will say Masterji made Akka Bai dance and I don’t want any controversy as I joined politics. She sees Siddhi. She says Siddhi is educated and studied in Pune. Her culture is city based. Malini signals Siddhi to touch Akka Bai’s feet. Akka Bai gives one necklace to Siddhi. She says mockingly I am not doing all these for election.

Siddhi sees Shiva is coming with Doli. She gets shocked. Everyone praises the Doli. Akka Bai says Siddhi will leave her house by sitting in this Doli only. She gives blessings to Siddhi. Siddhi looks at Shiva with disgust. Shiva says he will carry the Doli as noone has the strength to do it here. Siddhi says to her father that throw this Doli away. I don’t want to sit in it. Everyone gets shocked.