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Episode starts with Gaurav stopping her mother but she says why Masterji isn’t saying anything? Where is his daughter? How can you insult us like this. She tells Gaurav to return with them. She says no marriage will happen here. Everything is finished. Stop all this. She says Masterji’s respect is gone forever. Siddhi is not a kid that she got lost like this. During mehendi one guy applied vermilion on her forehead now she suddenly disappeared. She calls her characterless. Sagar shouts at her saying don’t talk ill about my sister.

Gaurav’s mother says I understood how she was getting close to my son before marriage. Gaurav says Siddhi is not that type of girl. He asks Masterji where is Siddhi. Sagar explains everything. Gaurav says why didnt he inform him before. Gaurav mom takes Gaurav with her and says they are fooling you. You are innocent. Now even if Siddhi returns this marriage wont happen. Masterji says Siddhi loves Gaurav. She was dreaming to start a new life with him. Gaurav mom says then why has she disappeared? She forcefully takes Gaurav with her. Masterji gets disheartened.

Siddhi cries alone and says please find me Gaurav. Please wait for me. Please get me out of here.

Akka Bai enters house. Bhave gets shocked seeing her. She asks about Siddhi’s marriage. She says has Siddhi gone in the Doli which she gifted? Bhave says Siddhi is missing. Akka Bai tries to take advantage of the situation saying weeping in front of public always works. She tells Bhave to call Shiva for some urgent work.

Siddhi sees someone threw a paperball towards her. She gets up and keeps saying leave me. I know you are here. What do you want from me? You need money then take it. Today is my wedding leave me. She doesn’t get any response and cries.

Gaurav’s parents tell Gaurav that they will leave at once. Gaurav says I won’t go back without seeing Siddhi is safe.

Police arrive and starts questioning Masterji that he couldnt even handle one girl. Gaurav comes there and the inspector starts asking personal questions to him. He says Siddhi agreed to marry you or not? Does she have ex boyfriends before him? Gaurav says we had no such secrets. Inspector says this is our procedure of asking questions. One man enters and takes Masterji’s side and tells inspector to leave from there. He says to Masterji that he will find Siddhi.

Siddhi wakes up from sleep and talks to her family. Malini hugs her and says why is she waking up so late on her wedding day? Siddhi tells I saw a bad dream. Gaurav says in such a joyous day how can you dream something like this. Siddhi tells him not to leave her side ever. They all start laughing together. Siddhi’s dream ends and she finds herself in the confined place again. She sees one person is coming to her. That guy removes the cover from his face and Siddhi gets shocked seeing Shiva in front of her.