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The episode starts with Siddhi looking at Shiva. She hesitates to feed the laddoo. Shiva says Siddhi’s support means alot to him. Siddhi gets worried thinking Shiva ate the intoxicated laddoo now what will happen to him. She decides to stop Shiva. Akkabai thinks Shiva Siddhi’s closeness is harmful for her so she will get Sonal married to Sarkar so that Shiva can become like before.

Jalwa stops Shiva and the other competitor from starting the game. He says first they will search the competitors. Narpat gets tensed. Everyone asks Jalwa what kind of new rule is this. Akkabai tells them to relax. She tells the umpire to search both the competitors. Shiva says before competing he wants to talk to Sonal. He takes Sonal aside. He says to Sonal holding her hand that he will win her trust again today. He won’t let her marriage happen at any cost. Sonal says but how will he stop it. Shiva says he will win the competition today and will tell Akkabai to call off Sonal’s wedding with Sarkar. Sonal gets emotional. Jalwa stops Shiva and says he should cancel the competition as Narpat’s competitor is a murderer. He can harm Shiva. Shiva says he has taken risk many times. This time also he can’t back off as its about Sonal’s future. He will face the challenge.

Siddhi gets a bad feeling and notices the umpire dropped knife. Later he signals Narpat. Narpat shows him thumbs-up. Siddhi understands Narpat’s planning. She regrets her decision and thinks she made a huge mistake by trusting Narpat. There Shiva and the killer run towards the pool and jump into it. Siddhi attempts to stop Shiva and runs behind him. Shiva goes under the water and finds the coconut. He is about to take it but the killer attacks him with knife. He injures Shiva’s hand and Shiva tries to stop him. Akkabai tells Sarkar why Siddhi wants to ruin the game, has she gone mad. Siddhi jumps into the water and everyone gets shocked. Siddhi swims under water and searches for Shiva. Shiva bleeds and suddenly he feels dizzy and the attacker stabs in his stomach.

Siddhi hits the attacker from behind and she somehow holds Shiva in her arms. She comes out of water with unconscious Shiva. Shiva’s family get shocked and go to see him. Siddhi tells Shiva to wake up and her mangalsutra gets stuck with Shiva’s locket. Mangal separates them and Siddhi’s mangalsutra gets broken. Shiva is rushed to hospital. Akkabai asks for the coconut. Siddhi shows her but later she questions the umpire who gave him money to kill Shiva. How can he stoop so low. Narpat disappears thinking he can get caught. Siddhi tells Akkabai she doesn’t deserve to get the coconut as she is self centred and doesn’t care about Shiva. Akkabai gets irked.

Shiva gets admitted to hospital and Mangal cries for him. Vijaya makes her realise that Akkabai is selfish that’s why she didn’t reach hospital yet. She only cares for her win. Mangal should understand that.

Episode ends