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Episode starts with Siddhi getting angry on Shiva. She tries to attack him saying why did he do this to her? Shiva says I have learned from my guruji, tit for tat. You put blame on me when I did nothing wrong. Siddhi says today is my wedding. Shiva says it was your wedding now its over. Groom was there but not the bride. Siddhi gets shocked hearing that.

Siddhi returns home alone. She doesn’t say a word. Her family ask her what happened her but she stands there quietly. Malini takes Siddhi with her and she pours water on Siddhi. Here Shiva also gets wet in river. Malini cries hugging Siddhi. Shiva says I turned her day into nightmare.

Siddhi says it was Shiva Laskare who kidnapped me. I filed a complaint against him. Malini gets mad at Masterji knowing that he knew everything about the complaint. Sagar scolds Siddhi that why did she take risk during her wedding.

Malini says despite of knowing the fact that your daughter is going to file complaint but you encouraged her. You didn’t stop her. We would have apologized to them to get Siddhi back. At least her baraat wouldn’t have gone like this. Masterji says I didnt know that she was talking about Shiva. Siddhi says I couldn’t stop myself, it was about a girl’s respect. Malini says you don’t know with whom you are fighting. They are dangerous.

Gaurav comes to meet Siddhi. He says I want to talk to Siddhi alone. Gaurav asks Siddhi why didnt she share anything with him? So many things happened and she didn’t get one single scope to tell about it to him. Siddhi says you dont trust me? Gaurav says I am trying my best, I trust you that’s why I am here. I am trying to understand what you are hiding. Siddhi says I thought you will understand me.

Shiva didn’t even touch me once. He only locked me in a dark room. Gaurav says I came here to get some answers from you but seems like you don’t want to tell anything. Gaurav leaves angrily. Narpat comes and says thankfully Siddhi returned. I will take revenge from that kidnapper. Masterji tells please don’t create one more scene. But Siddhi says I will file complaint.

Inspector says to Masterji that Siddhi has returned already? Narpat tells Siddhi to tell everything. Siddhi says he kidnapped me and I was unconscious that time. His name is Shiva Laskare. Shiva arrives at police station and says hello to the inspector. Siddhi gets shocked.