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Episode starts with Mangal telling Siddhi you applied black magic on Shiva. But you can’t trap me. Mangal warns her saying its my challenge one day I’ll throw you out of the house. Siddhi stays quiet.

Mangal badmouths Siddhi in front of Yashwant. Yashwant says tomorrow is Bitthal Mauli festival. Don’t ruin my good mood. Yashwant tells about Aaura Bai who comes barefoot every year on this occasion. Yashwant wishes to see her. Vijaya says she will make special dishes for Aaura Bai tomorrow as she is invited in the house. Mangal gets irked and tells Yashwant what about your office. Yashwant says he tool leave already.

Siddhi falls asleep on sofa while studying at night. Shiva notices her but doesn’t touch her thinking she might misunderstand him again. Shiva calls Shoni so that she wakes Siddhi up and tells her to sleep in the room. Shoni gets surprised and tells Shiva for this small work you called me at midnight? You can tell this to Siddhi directly. Shiva says he can’t do it. He hesitates. Shoni says she is feeling sleepy. She teases Shiva saying you such a beautiful wife. You can lift her up and take her to room. Shiva shuts her. Shoni leaves. Shiva removes the pen and pencil Siddhi is holding. He puts blanket on her. Shiva then receives Narpat’s call on Siddhi’s phone. Narpat asks to get information from Siddhi and Shiva gets shocked hearing him. Narpat tells why are you not answering, is there someone? Shiva cuts the call without answering. He recalls the hard disk incident. How Agga Bai told him to be careful as one of his loved ones can be behind this. He leaves.

Siddhi wakes up in morning. She asks Shoni why she didn’t wake her up at night. Shoni says she thought of not disturbing her. Shoni also teases Siddhi saying Shiva covered you with blanket not me. Mangal taunts Siddhi saying such things are not allowed in this house. You should follow this house rules. Yashwant takes Siddhi’s side saying she didn’t commit crime. Its absolutely normal to sleep wherever you want in your house. Yashwant says Aaura Bai is coming so we have to make lot of preparations. Shiva passes by Vijaya calls him but Shiva doesnt hear.

Shiva tells Jalwa to keep eyes on someone. Shiva says real stealer of the hard disk is Siddhi. He suspects her saying Jalwa will notice she is going to meet Narpat today or not. Jalwa says Siddhi can’t do something like this. Shiva tells don’t question. He tells him to record video of Siddhi meeting Narpat.

Siddhi notices Shoni is making something for Aaura Bai. Siddhi goes out for some work. Narpat’s informer meets Siddhi. He tells her Narpat wants to meet her. Siddhi refuses to go saying she is now Shiva’s wife. She doesn’t want to get involved in Agga Bai’s matter. Jalwa records the video. Siddhi recalls how she overheard Shiva and Jalwa’s conversation and became alert.

The Episode ends