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Colors TV show Bawara Dil is heading towards it’s end after entertaining the audience with its brilliant storyline. In last few episodes the story will be all about clearing the misunderstanding between Shiva and Siddhi. Its shown Siddhi  regretted for having a wrong perception about Shiva earlier. Siddhi after realising her mistake apologised to Shiva. Shiva will understand Siddhi’s situation and will take back his complaint against her. How will they unite in the end, it will be a treat to watch. 

Previously its seen how Shiva saved Siddhi from villagers who accused her of killing Shiva. He took back his complaint against Siddhi and Sagar both. He told inspector that there’s no solid proof against Siddhi and Sagar which proves they are killers. Shiva told Mangal that he won’t agree for Sonal and Sarkar’s marriage too. Shiva is grateful to Siddhi as she saved him. Akkabai got angry thinking Shiva flopped her plan and she told Bhave to keep eyes on his family. Siddhi reached home and told Vijaya and Sonal that Shiva got her released from jail. 

In future episodes viewers will see interesting drama. Akkabai will play her card and will tell Shiva that the six months marriage contract is over so now he can divorce Siddhi. Shiva will be in dilemma. Akkabai will tell Siddhi to sign the divorce papers and Yashwant will get angry. He will try to slap Shiva but Siddhi will stop him. She will tell him about the promise she made to Shiva that she is ready to accept all kind of punishment given to her. Siddhi will be ready to sign the papers. 

Will Shiva stop Siddhi? 

Will Shiva accept Siddhi? 

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