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Since Patali and Ranav created the impression that Bela had lost her mind, the episode opens with Bela checking herself into a psychiatric hospital. Bela is transported to the mental institution for a checkup while dressed in hospital garb. They lose control and attack Bela when she is left alone in the hospital with the other patients.

One of the patients was on the verge of stabbing Bela with a pen when a medication injection stopped her. Bela is completely shocked and hopeless. She is by herself in the hospital bed as she thinks back on her time with Ranav and everything he said to her. She sits there still and contemplative, thinking of Ranav.

Bela’s doctor informs Patali that she shouldn’t be confined in this facility because he is absolutely certain that her mental health is perfect. He admits to feeling extremely uneasy and tells Patali that he doesn’t think it’s proper to keep Bela over here. Patali buys the doctor by bribing him for 50,000 rupees.

Patali advises the physician to keep in mind that Bela has lost her mind; if not, he should shock her and turn her into a madman. From the doorway of the doctor’s cabin, Nurse Shushma hears the entire exchange.

Bela sobs when she sees Ranav and Patali outside the hospital. She is held when the doctor and the ward boys appear out of nowhere. Bela is violently taken away by the ward lads.

When the doctor was about to shock Bela, Dr. Ujjwal arrived and told the other doctor that Bela was now his patient and responsibility, ordering him to leave right away. Bela gives Dr. Ujjwal thanks. Bela is informed by Ujjwal that if Bela had not been saved, her unborn child would have died.

The doctor informs Bela that she is expecting a child. Bela warns the doctor that if her relatives learn about her pregnancy, awful things will undoubtedly happen to him. Sushma urges the physician to assist Bela and assist in getting her out of the hospital.

Bela is the target of the doctor’s attempts to impose himself and use her. He shoves Dr. Ujjwal before fleeing the scene. A rock causes her to trip. Bela is approached by Dr. Ujjwal, who tries to coerce him. Bela reaches for a rock and flings it his way.

Bela is killed by a massive rock that the doctor raises. In order to disguise the situation, he devises a scheme, puts a second corpse alongside Bela, and sets the cottage on fire. Patali learns that both Bela and the doctor have passed away.

Eight months later, the story continues where Bela is seen still alive and cries out in agony because she is in pain. She is feverish. Her condition is really grave, according to the neighbourhood doctor, who arrives. The elderly woman has been taking care of Bela for the past eight months.

When it appears that the elderly woman had killed Dr. Ujjwal to protect Bela from him, the prior story is revealed. The old woman is informed by the neighbourhood doctor that Bela needs to be rushed to the hospital because her unborn child has turned around inside of her. Later she gives birth to a dead child in the jungle amidst the attack of the Rakshasas.

What would happen to Bela’s child? Would she be able to save her? Would Ranav kill Bela after she gets to know that she is alive? To know the answers to all these questions, keep watching Bekaboo on Jio Cinema.