Manit Joura Pics
Bella waits for me at the main door everyday : Manit Joura

Actor Manit Joura,who is currently busy with two popular shows -Prem Bandhan and Kundali Bhagya has a lovely pet dog Bella with whom Manit shares a very close bond. He says, “While growing up in Delhi I always had pets. I remember at one point of time we had a German Shepherd named Jackie. When we lost him, my dad cried a lot. At the age of eight I started horse riding, I have always been with nature and animals. I believe animals are the most intelligent creatures and every now and then they surprise me also. Right now I have Bella, she is adorable and a baby to me. Bella waits for me at the main door everyday. She knows exactly when I will come back from the set.

After coming back the first 30 minutes I reserve for her. Her warmth, her love is unconditional. There is a popular quote on animals which says Money will buy a pretty good dog, but it won’t buy the wag of his tail. Animals know the importance of spending time with them. I can certainly say Bella has added a lot of meaning to our life.”

Manit also adds,”In Mumbai I never had a pet before Bella because I was always busy and have been travelling here and there. Having a pet is a responsibility and I can never neglect a life. I am attached to the stray dogs a lot. Whenever they need any medical attention I am always there. Just before lockdown Bella came into my life and in January she will turn one.”