Poetry is an amazing art, which comes from depth of heart of poet. To be a poet, one must follow this quote: “To be a poet is condition, not profession”, and some of our TV stars has proved this. Actors like Sourabh Raaj Jain, Anjum Fakih and Shaheer Sheikh are not only great actors on screen but they also have a heart of poet.

Saurabh Raaj Jain:

Saurabh is so talented charming actor of TV, he played many memorable characters, like Lord Krishna in Mahabharata and Dhananand in Chadragupta Mourya. He is so fond in poetry that he has written many poems since his Krishna days and fans takes inspiration from his writings.

Anjum Fakih:

Anjum currently playing Sristhi in Kundali Bhagya and she truly have a soul of poet. She often writes poems and poetry and also shares it with her fans. Some lines of one of her poetry is “Laakh dukhon ki ek dawa hai, jhooth jo bolu sach gawah hai, kyun na le hum sach ka saath, jhooth farebi jhooth bura hai”

Shaheer Sheikh:

Shaheer is one of supremely talented actor of ITV, who does every character so smoothly & maturely, whatever it be historic or fiction. Shaheer has so much love much with poems and poetries. As his character Abir in serial Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke, he also writes a poetry which he is dedicated to Abir, that is “Mere dil mein dabe khayal se. us ankahe sawaal sa. tere rangon mein milke mera rang hai Abir sa gulal sa.”

So these are best poet actors of TV in our choice, which one is your favorite comment below and give us your precious feedback and suggestions also. Let’s get Buzzing…!!!