Fans have been showering immense love for Sony TV’s show Beyhadh 2. The show’s unique and unpredictable storyline has been keeping the viewers on the edges of their seats. One of the most attractive thing in the show is Rudra and Maya’s chemistry which have been winning hearts of many. Here are some reasons why fans love MayRa chemistry.

Two negatives make a positive

Many times we may have heard that opposites attract but in this case not opposites but two people with similar personality have come close. It was shown in the promos that Maya had a dark past which has brought pain in her life. Even Rudra has some bitter memories of his past which makes him go through pain. Both have received betrayal in love and hence hate to think about love. They have a spark between them which slowly turned into attraction resulting in developing feelings for each other.

  • Reducing each other’s pain

The emotional connection they share is beyond words. Sometime Rudra understands the feeling of the girl in Maya’s book while Maya understands his fear and motivates him to overcome his fear in her own way. Both seem to give a ray of hope to each other. One of Maya’s dialogues which mentions that to reduce one pain another pain is required and in this case that phrase completely fits them.

  • Hot chemistry of MayRa

The sizzling hot chemistry they create with just an eye contact burns the TV screens, especially the kiss scene when Rudra went with others at Maya’s home for dinner. The entire scene was a perfect combination of peace, love, uncontrolled feelings being shown by both. Not to forget the way both Jennifer and Shivin show the emotions that can make anyone sad or happy for real. They are each other’s healers. Sometime Maya feels the comfort and safety in Rudra’s arms no one else can make her feel while Rudra seeks relief in Maya’s arms when he is upset.

  • From friends to soulmates

The way makers have shown the development of their relationship is commendable. From being work colleagues to becoming friends and finally each other’s soulmates, this journey has been beautifully portrayed. The concern they have for each other which turned into friendship and finally into love. One of the best and memorable part was the love realization they had for each other. They both had feelings for each other but denied to accept it until they felt the threat of other person being snatched away. Rudrarealizes his love when he sees Maya going away from him whereas Maya who first wanted to kill Rudra for her revenge but when she actually saw his life in danger her heart skipped a beat. They make an ideal couple who feel each other’s pain.

  • Their unconditional love

Unconditional love is the thing that exists between them. Maya fell in love with Rudra despite the fact he was the son of the man who ruined her life. Same goes on with Rudra, he knows Maya murdered his brother and is angry on her for that but he could never hate her. He claims to kill her but at the same time worries for her that she might need him. Maya doesn’t remember him and he cannot forget her memories. There exists a soul connection between them no matter what the situation is.

So these are some reasons which shows why MayRa chemistry is being immensely loved by the audience and receiving lot of appreciation.