Sony SET most popular series Beyhadh 2 is all set for some major points in its storyline.

Earlier it was seen that Maya tried seducing Rudra and left her nails mark on his chest which Rudra tried hiding from Ananya but she eventually saw them during their haldi ceremony and scolded him for the same. Maya planned once again to manipulate Rudra and left his company taking her book which she tore and threw the pages into the water of a pool. Ananya tried stopping Rudra from going to Maya saying that they don’t need her anymore since MJ has invested in their company now but Rudra refused to let Maya go and went to her place where, despite not knowing how to swim, he tried grabbing all the pages Maya had thrown in water. Rudra was about to drown but Maya saved him and pulled him closer while they were in the pool. Ananya saw them.

In the upcoming episodes Ananya will be seen askingRudra to do a favor for her and he will agree. Ananyawill take him out of the room and she will declare in front of the family that there won’t be any sangeet or cocktail party but instead the wedding will take place the next day itself. Everybody will get shocked and confused but then MJ will let Rudra and Ananya do as they wish. On the other hand, an enraged Maya will be seen throwing stuff here and there and shouting that Rudra can’t play with her life like this and he can’t choose another path except the one she has made for him. She will break the mirror throwing a vase against it out of anger.

Will Maya be able to stop Rudra and Ananya’s wedding or will the two best friends get married?

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