Sony Tv popular series Beyhadh 2 is all set for a major turning point in the show. Earlier it’s seen that MJ threatened Rajiv and got his sign to attain Maya’s shares in Rudra’s company. To get her shares back, Maya instigated Rudra against MJ blaming him of plotting with his father to get the shares. An enraged Rudra threatened MJ to drag him to the court for a fraud case and his father took it as a challenge.

Rudra organized a press conference but MJ used the power in his hands and reporters left so Maya suggested Rudra to do a live video on social media where he should reveal MJ’s truth to the world. To avoid getting his image ruined, MJ accepted to give Rudra back the shares.

Now the serial is going to show some high voltage drama since MJ will surely want to avenge his defeat while also Maya will go ahead with her plan to take revenge from MJ. But things for Maya won’t go the same way she has planned.

In upcoming episode Maya will be seen bringing a cake for Rudra and telling him that he showed today that she was wrong about him. Rudra and Maya will feed each other with cake. Later Rudra will get jealous seeing Maya hugging Rishi. But the unexpected twist is that Rudra and Maya will end up kissing each other. Rudra will be seen getting drunk and saying that Maya brought him in front of the pain from which he has been escaping for years.

On the other hand Maya will be attacked by a mysterious man mostly sent by MJ who will be seen calling Amir and telling him that the work is done. Maya will get pushed into dirty water and her life will be in danger since she could drown.

What’s in store for Maya and Rudra? Was it just Maya’s plan or has she really fallen for Rudra? Will someone save Maya or will something happen to her?