Sony TV popular show Beyhadh 2 have already entered in the second week of it’s run. The show has already made a base for the story. Maya Jai Singh who is renowned writer is trying to seek revenge for all the wrong doings happened to her. She sets her target and already proceeded to achieve it by trapping Rudra and Rishi both at the same time in two different ways. The upcoming episodes of the show will make the audience witness the past of Rudra which somehow connects to Maya.

In the last episode we had seen that Rudra saves the life of Maya by risking his own and Rishi decides to save himself without even giving a thought about Maya. In both the cases the circumstances are entirely created by Maya herself . Unknown to the plans of Maya will get trapped in her web?

The upcoming episodes will surely focus on the faith of Rudra and Maya but before that another mystery behind the rift between Rudra and MJ is very intriguing and intense.

In an upcoming episode Rishi will try to communicate with his brother about a girl of his life. Rudra will advise his brother to not have any conversation with his father regarding this. Rishi who is still not able to distinguish between right and wrong understand that gift between dad and brother is surely connected to the past of Rudra. He immediately asks his brother to share with him about what all happened years ago? What made the relationship of a father and son bitter enough.? Rudra can’t stand his father and claims that he has no right over his life.

On the other side, Maya will assign Rudra another unlike and unique challenge to accept on the final day of the three day contract. Now we will have to wait to see what made Rudra and Maya connect to each other on a different level ?

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