Sony SET popular show Beyhadh 2 has managed to keep its audience hooked to the screen with twists and turns from the first episode itself. Now the serial is all set to show another high voltage drama.

Earlier it was seen that Ananya showed Rudra the sketch she found in Rishi’s room which resembles Maya a lot but Myra came and claimed that she is Rishi’s girlfriend. Before she could say more a car came and took her away. Rudra couldn’t reach her despite trying hard.

Ananya told MJ about Maya Mehra and he understood that she is there for revenge. It has been revealed that Maya had sent the car to take Myra away because she doesn’t want MJ to find out about her since Myra is Maya’s brother Manas’ girlfriend. She wants to join Maya in her revenge plan but Maya asked her to leave or else MJ will kill her and also gave her passport and flight ticket so she can go far. However MJ has already planned to kill her.

In the upcoming episodes Rajiv will ask Maya to relax as Myra might be on her flight already. Maya will track her on the mobile and will realize that Myra didn’t even board on her flight.

On the other hand Myra will be seen pointing a gun at MJ in a dark room. Rudra and Ananyawill be there too. Rudrawill ask Myra not to shoot but she will pull the trigger to shoot MJ.

Rudra will come between her and MJ and get shot though. This will shock Myra, MJ, Ananya and also Maya who will reach that place by then.

Will Rudra die? How will Maya react to this? What will MJ do with Myra now? If Rudra gets saved, will he think that Myra has killed Rishi like MJ wants him to believe?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To know what is going to happen next in your favorite show Beyhadh 2, keep watching the serial and stay tuned to this space for new daily updates about it.