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Zee TV new show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers with it’s refreshing content.

As reported earlier Rano blamed the horoscope of Lakshmi for everything than she got angry when Gurucharan left with money. Preetam told her that they will get back money when Lakshmi gets married. Balwinder came there and told them that Police is behind him because of the fire accident case and He scolded Lakshmi for saving Rishi and blames her horoscope. Rano told him that he can’t cancel the alliance. Balwinder tried to take Lakshmi to his home forcefully but stops hearing the Police sound. Balwinder left after warning them that he will hang them if they gets Lakshmi married to anyone. Virendra Oberoi visited Lakshmi house to thank her for saving Rishi life where he got impressed with Lakshmi’s qualities and thinks to get her married to his son.

In the upcoming episode viewers gonna witness that Virendra Oberoi will tell to Rano and Preetam that he will be lucky if their house daughter will get married to their Rishi. Neha who’s with Lakshmi in the kitchen thinks Virendra is choosing her for Rishi . Later Rano happily says she will become samdhan of Virendra Oberoi. Virendra Oberoi tells to Rishi that he has found the girl who is just made for him. Neelam overhears their conversation. Rishi asks him to tell who is she? Virendra Oberoi says Lakshmi. Neha tells to Lakshmi that your cancelled marriage will become blessing for me if I marry Rishi. Later the muddy water falls on Lakshmi face because of Rishi’s car and He gets down and sees her when she washes her face. He touches her face and both feels spark when their hands meets.

What’s Rishi’s reaction with Virendra words? Can Lakshmi find about her connection with Rishi?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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