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Zee TV new show Bhagya Lakshmi is attracting viewers with an interesting storyline and the twist and turns of the show have glued the audience to screens.

As reported earlier it’s shown, Rishi arrived at Ayush’s room and told him that Lakshmi’s presence is everywhere in his room. Ayush advised him to meet Lakshmi but he deny then Rishi called Lakshmi from Ayush’s phone. Lakshmi attended the call and she realized it was Rishi then she disconnected the call.  Both slept in tears. Rano noticed Preetam was in deep sleep then she goes to Lakshmi’s room with divorce papers thinking no one can stop her from making them get divorced. Next day Rano arrived at the Oberoi house and she insulted everyone. Sonia asked her Mom why she was bearing her words then Virendra stopped Sonia and asked Rano why she came. Rano said Lakshmi sent me here with Divorce papers and she needs alimony. Ayush requested Rishi to apologize to Lakshmi for his behaviour on that day but Rishi deny. Virendra and Neelam said she was lying and asked her to show them Lakshmi’s sign. Rano showed them a thumb impression of Lakshmi in the papers. They got shocked.

In the upcoming episode viewers going to witness that Rishi will tell to Rano it is good that Lakshmi has sent the papers and I will sign on it. The interviewer will tell Lakshmi that she is selected for the job then he asks her to come and see what she shall do. Neelam comes to Preetam’s house. Preetam asks why she came to their place then she asks him to call Lakshmi immediately. The interviewer will try to misbehave with Lakshmi. She gets scared. Neelam tells that she won’t let this divorce happen. Rishi looks on from outside his office.

Will Rishi sign divorce papers? Will Rano get successful in her plan? 

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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