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The episode starts with Shalu signaling Parvati to come to the washroom. Parvati says to Jyoti that she has to go to the washroom. Jyoti takes Parvati to the washroom.

Jyoti allows Parvati to go into the washroom and locks the door. Shalu who is hiding in the washroom comes to Parvati and says to Parvati that both of them need to escape from these people from the ventilation window. Parvati agrees. Shalu takes Parvati out of the washroom through the ventilation window. Shalu brings Parvati to the parking lot.

Shalu sees a car is open. Shalu puts Parvati in a car. Ayush asks Shalu what is she doing. Shalu says she to going to take Parvati and flee from here. Ayush asks Shalu how will she do it. Shalu asks Ayush for his help.

Gajab asks Manoj what is he doing. Manoj says to Gajab that there is something wrong in this case. Rishi comes to Manoj and asks Manoj to argue better if not they will lose the case. Gajab reminds Rishi that Neelam is his mother. Rishi says Parvati is his daughter. Malishka overhears it. The Judge comes and commences the court.

Ayush doesn’t agree saying it is illegal and asks Shalu to trust the law. Shalu says there is no use.

During the hearing, it’s revealed that Paro is missing. The judge scolds Juvenile home care takers. She asks them to find Paro. Rishi is worried about Paro.

Shalu tells Ayush that she trusts him and convinces him to help her to unite Paro and Lakshmi. Shalu hugs Ayush. Anushka sees Ayush is hugging someone. She tries to see the person but she couldn’t. Ayush and Shalu escape from there with Paro in the car.

Police inspect the washroom and notice that Paro has escaped from the bathroom window. The Oberoi and Juvenile home people search for Parvati. The inspector comes to the Oberoi family and tells them that Paro has escaped from the washroom. Lakshmi comes there and overhears it. Malishka comments that Paro has a criminal mind. Rishi and Lakshmi warn her to not talk wrongly about Paro.

On the way, the inspector stops Ayush’s car for routine checking. They escape from him. Lakshmi says to Inspector that Paro can never run away and says Paro just wants to meet Rohan so she might have gone to meet him so it’s good to search for Paro. Rishi asks Lakshmi to come with him to search for Paro. He holds her hand and leaves from there.

Kiran complains to Aanchal that Rishi is crossing his limits in Neelam’s absence. Aanchal assures to handle the situation. Ayush asks Shalu where he needs to drop them. Shalu stops the car. She comes out of the car and seeks Ishita’s help. Ishita tells Shalu that she is in the busstand as she is going home for marriage. Shalu tells Ishita that she will meet her in the busstand. Shalu asks Ayush to take her to the busstand. Ayush agrees. Lakshmi and Rishi come to Oberoi house and learn that Paro didn’t come there. Lakshmi feels worried for Paro.

Episode ends.