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The episode starts with Dadi saying to Shalu, Lakshmi and Dadi how she slapped Ranjit when Oberoi made Ranjit get on his knees. Shalu hearing this praises Parvati. Lakshmi says to Shalu that she shouldn’t teach Parvati as Parvati might fight with other kids. Parvati says to Lakshmi that she will only fight things that are wrong.

Some villagers come to Lakshmi’s house to check on Parvati and Lakshmi. The villagers say it’s a good thing that Ranjit has gone to jail.

Rishi comes to Rohan and talks with Rohan. Rishi says to Rohan that he saved Parvati. Rohan praises Rishi. Rishi also thanks Rohan as he did Jap for him along with Harleen. Malishka comes to Rohan and says to Rohan that they should first think of themselves before helping others. Rohan agrees.

Anushka questions Ayush why did he go to Gurudaspur for saving Parvati. Ayush says he only went there for Rishi and says Rishi is more important to him than anyone else. Ayush later asks Anushka if she is suspecting him as he went to Gurudaspur. Anushka says there is nothing like that and asks Ayush not to get upset.

Lakshmi and Shalu talk about what happened. Shalu suggests Lakshmi to thank Rishi over the phone. Lakshmi agrees.

Rishi thanks Malishka as she came at the right time with the police. Rishi asks Malishka how did she come to the right location every time. Malishka says how she did it with the help of the detective.

Malishka tries to kiss Rishi but Rohan asks him to tell him the whole story of how he saved Parvati. Malishka hearing this says she will also listen to the story. Rishi agrees.

Sarpanch comes to Lakshmi’s house and praises Lakshmi that she sent Ranjit to jail. Sarpanch says to Lakshmi that they decided to honour her for her bravery and it is also to teach a lesson to Sumer that he will have the face the consequences if he does something wrong and leaves from there. Lakshmi thinks Oberoi is the one who truly deserves this honour.

Rishi says to Malishka and Rohan how Ranjit nearly stabbed him with a knife. Rishi later says how Lakshmi saved him using a flower vase. Rishi also says Malishka later brought cops and the cops arrested Ranjit. Rohan says he will sleep in between them. Malishka agrees. Rishi thanks Malishka for loving Rohan so much. Malishka reminds that Rohan is her son.

Neelam asks Pandit over the phone till when will Rishi’s bad time will continue. The pandit says he will give them a scared thread after doing Pooja the whole night and if Rishi wears it then the effect of Dosh will reduce a lot. The pandit says this is not completely effective but it will be helpful. Neelam agrees and says to Karishma about it.

Episode ends.