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The episode starts with Rishi asking a shop vendor for Ishita Swaminadan’s house direction. The shop vendor asks Rishi if he is talking about a woman who has long hair. Rishi says yes. Vijay overhears their conversation and thinks Rishi is Ananya’s boyfriend. Vijay leaves from there.

The people around Rishi ask him to leave right away saying Vijay has overheard their conversation. Rishi doesn’t understand why are they speaking like that. Vijay comes with a sword and attacks Rishi. Rishi runs away from Vijay.

Parvati sees Lakshmi in a South Indian Saree and praises her. Lakshmi. Lakshmi sees Parvati’s actions and thinks about Rishi. Parvati hugs Lakshmi and accidentally spoils her Gajra. Parvati leaves from there to get Gajra for Lakshmi.

Parvati learns that Gajra is sold on the street so she goes outside. Rishi asks Vijay why is he attacking him. Vijay accuses Rishi of trying to elope with Ananya. Vijay tries to stab Rishi. Rishi defends himself. Parvati calls Rishi dad. Vijay understands he misunderstood and apologises to Rishi. Vijay after clearing the misunderstanding invites Rishi to come with him. Rishi agrees.

Lakhsmi says to Ishita that she couldn’t find Parvati anywhere in the house. Ishita says she might be here somewhere and asks Lakshmi not to worry.

Parvati talks to Rishi. Parvati asks Rishi if she can see Neelam and asks Rishi to make a video call. Rishi says he will call her later. Parvati asks Rishi that she wants to buy Gajra for Lakshmi and asks Rishi to buy it. Rishi agrees.

Lakshmi and Ishita come to her family and they ask them if any one of them saw Parvati. Ishita’s grandmother lashes out at Lakshmi as she couldn’t even take care of her own daughter. Ishita’s grandmother asks Lakshmi where is her husband. Vijay comes and says to Ishita’s grandmother that Lakshmi’s husband came here.

Lakshmi gets shocked seeing Rishi in Ishita’s home. Parvati hugs both of them and kisses them.

Parvati says to Lakshmi that if she hasn’t gone to Rishi at the right time then Vijay might have attacked Rishi. Vijay says to his family that it was a misunderstanding as he thought Rishi was Ananya’s boyfriend. Vijay says at that Parvati called Rishi dad and after tagt he understood Rishi is Lakshmi’s boyfriend. Lakshmi calls Rishi to a side.

Lakshmi asks Rishi why did he come here. Rishi says he came here to ask her to trust him and says he will not allow anyone to seperate Parvati from Lakshmi and asks Lakshmi to trust Rishi.

Malishka comes to Kiran and compliants to Kiran as she still couldn’t get rid of Lakshmi after all the things she has done.

Lakshmi says to Rishi that she will not trust him and comments on Rishi.

Episode ends.