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The episode starts with Rishi supporting his Dad when he is about to fall then asks if he is fine. Virendra Pat’s his shoulder saying he is fine and leaves to his room. Rano praises her acting skills and thinks glad Lakshmi didn’t get a job as it becomes a reason to charge alimony from Oberoi’s and Lakshmi doesn’t know what I’m planning to do with her and I’m going to have half share if Oberoi’s. Lakshmi asks the auto driver to take her fastly but his auto gets broken down in front of Rishi’s company and he goes to check it. Lakshmi asks him to repair it quickly. Watchman asks Auto driver to move his auto quickly otherwise he may lose his job as his boss’s car is about to leave. Driver and Govind sees Lakshmi and Govind offer to drop her as Rishi went in another car. She denies. Auto gets started and she leaves. Watchman asks what happened. Govind says Sudeep said Lakshmi mam left from Rishi’s house.

Rano comes to Oberoi mansion. Neelam asks why she didn’t bring Lakshmi according to her promise. Rano says I get to know that you guys ruined Lakshmi’s life and find about your Rishi’s affair too. Neelam asks why she came without Lakshmi. Rano says Lakshmi has her Chachi and you have to pay the alimony to Lakshmi post her divorce with Rishi. Karishma says this is their reality Bhabhi, Lakshmi left our place to charge alimony. Rano warns her to not think anything again Lakshmi as she has everything at this house but you ruined her life and what’s wrong if she wants to take alimony. Karishma says Lakshmi won’t get anything. Rano says your thinking is smaller than us and you guys have small hearts and I may never let Lakshmi married to this house if I know your reality. Karishma asks Neelam to don’t go to her level. Rano asks what level she is talking. Virendra sees Rano and asks if Lakshmi is fine. Rano says she will be fine with the money I’m going to charge from you and Lakshmi needs alimony for the pain she bore because of this family.

Rishi’s car stops near temple because of vegetable cart. Lakshmi auto stops beside his car and Auto driver asks her to leave saying his auto may not start. Lakshmi senses Rishi but he bends to take his mobile then she leaves to temple. Beggar asks Rishi for him. Rishi gives him money. Beggar asks him to take the blessings of Devi maa to fulfill his wishes. He recalls Lakshmi and goes to the temple and prays in temple to make him meet with Lakshmi. Lakshmi is near him and prays Maata rani to not let her meet Rishi. Her Duppatta fell on. Rishi recalls Lakshmi and goes behind that Duppatta but she leaves in auto. Rishi thinks why he is following an unknown person.

Virendra says Alimony. Rano says yes. Neelam says Alimony is after divorce. Rano says I know and Lakshmi wants to divorce Rishi and we want 50percent compensation as alimony. Neelam says Divorce won’t happen as Lakshmi will return to our house. Rano says Lakshmi is not happy with Rishi and she is happy with us as we dint act like you. Virendra says Lakshmi is good and this idea is yours, not Lakshmi’s. Rano asks what’s wrong if Lakshmi asks something for her. Virendra says you’re lying and I will believe if Lakshmi says it in front of me and I’m ready to give her anything if she asks me. Rano says we are family and I will definitely take 50 percent compensation and she leaves. Karishma says how dare she. Neelam says Lakshmi did wrong and it’s happening because of her wrong attitude. Virendra says Lakshmi never did any mistake and I wish to settle everything like before. Lakshmi asks the Receptionist about Parekh and son’s office. She says 5th floor. Lakshmi goes to lift and she gets shocked as Rishi comes in front of her.

Episode ends.