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The episode starts with Lakshmi seeing Rishi and Parvati having a good time. Ananya tells Lakshmi that she is lucky as her love Rishi was with her, unlike her love. Lakshmi tells her that she needs to talk to Shalu and leaves from there.

Parvati tells Rishi that she will wear a big necklace in her marriage. Rishi tells her that he will not let her get married as it will send her away from him. Parvati says in that case she can’t wear a good dress and jewellery. Rishi says she doesn’t need to get married for dress and Jewellery. Parvati says fine and asks him to let her talk to Rohan on call.

Rano asks Ayush if he is still behind Shalu. Ayush tells Rano that she is misunderstanding him. Rano comments on him and goes to attend the call. Ayush asks Shalu about Parvati. Shalu tells him that Parvati is fine. Lakshmi calls Shalu and asks her why she informed her location to Rishi as he came here. Shalu tells her that she didn’t inform Rishi. Ananya comes there and takes Lakshmi with her.

Ishita’s mother asks Lakshmi and Rishi to do the couple ritual. Lakshmi asks Rishi to refuse but they end up doing the ritual. Lakshmi sits on Rishi’s lap. The Old Lady tells in Lakshmi’s ear that she and Rishi will have a son too. Lakshmi thinks of their son. Rishi asks her what happened. Lakshmi tells him what the old lady told her. Lakshmi wonders why Rishi has come to them. She leaves from there. Rishi decides to end Lakshmi’s suspicion.

Lakshmi makes Parvati sleep. She thinks she will not let Rishi separate Parvati from her. Ananya comes there and tells Lakshmi that she wants to talk to her about Rishi.

Rishi wakes up from the bed and is about to walk out of the room. Vijay stops Rishi from leaving the room. Lakshmi asks Ananya what she wants to talk to her about Rishi. Ananya tells Lakshmi that she heard her conversation with Rishi that they don’t have the relationship of a wife and husband anymore. She advises Lakshmi to clear her differences with Rishi by talking to him as he loves you so much. She asks her to not lose her love like she lost. Later, Rishi escapes from his room and sneaks into Lakshmi’s room. He asks Lakshmi to wake up. Ananya wakes up and calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi comes out of the washroom and sees Rishi. Ananya teases them. Rishi leaves from there.

The next day, Malishka thinks of Kiran’s caution. Anushka comes there and tells Malishka that she caught Ayush with some lady in a court hearing. She tells Malishka that she suspects Ayush helped Shalu to flee Paro from the court. Malishka says her suspicion is correct. She tells her that Rishi might go to look for Lakshmi and Paro. She decides to seek Neelam’s help. Malishka meets Neelam and tells her that Rishi went to look for Lakshmi and Paro lying to them that he was going on a business trip. Neelam looks on.

Episode ends.