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The episode starts with Rohan seeing Rishi is looking stressed. Rohan asks Rishi to chill. Rishi asks Rohan if he knows Lakshmi and Parvati are going out on some trip. Rohan says he doesn’t know. Rishi understands even Parvati doesn’t know what Lakshmi is going to do next. Ayush asks Rishi if he is not going to go to office. Rishi says he decided to go to Pune guest house. Malishka hearing this says to Rishi that she will also leave with him.

Parvati says to Lakshmi how can she scold Parvati like that. Shalu says she made Parvati really sad. Lakshmi says to Shalu it is better for Parvati to be sad for a few days then a life time of sadness. Lakshmi says if Rishi knows that Parvati is his daughter then he will take Parvati away from her. Lakshmi with tears in her eyes says to Shalu that Rishi has given her rights to Malishka but if something happens with Parvati she will not be able to live. Shalu comforts Lakshmi.

Rohan asks Parvati why is she looking dejected. The teacher comes to the class. The teacher asks the girls to tie Rakhi to the boys to become brother and sisters. Parvati ties Rakhi to Rohan. Rohan asks Parvati why is she looking sad. Parvati leaves from there with tears in her eyes. Rohan chases Parvati. Rohan asks Parvati to tell him why is she looking sad. Parvati says to Rohan that she wants to stay in this city as he and Rishi are here but she has to leave and says Lakshmi already booked a ticket to return to village. Rohan asks Parvati not to leave. Parvati says she has no other choice. Rohan says to Parvati that they can go and stay at his Pune farm house until they think of a better solution. Parvati agrees with Rohan’s idea. Rohan says to Parvati that they will go to his house and get some money. Parvati and Rohan leave to Oberoi mansion.

Anushka reveals to Malishka how she got into a fight with Shalu in the shopping mall. Malishka understands Anushka was talking about Shalu when she says she saw Shalu talking to Parvati.

Rishi chats with Lakshmi over the phone. Rishi tries to convince to not return to village but Lakshmi doesn’t agree to it.

Vindhya teacher comes to Rano’s house and says to Lakshmi if she can stay here tonight. Lakshmi agrees. Lakshmi later reveals to Vindhya that she is going to village tonight. Vindhya advises Lakshmi against it as Sumer has become really powerful in the village. Lakhsmi says she still has to go.

Malishka gives the good news to Neelam that she has been selected as speaker to speak on behalf of poor children. Neelam tells Malishka what she has to do.

Rohan and Parvati return home. Malishka decides to teach a lesson but Kiran stop Malishka as Neelam isn’t going to say anything. Rohan steals the money from Rishi’s pants and leaves with Parvati. Anushka sees Rohan and Parvati leaving in a hurry. Anushka suspects Rohan and Parvati are upto something.

Malishka says she knows what she has to do so that Neelam will hate Parvati forever. Kian asks Malishka what is she going to do. Malishka comments on it.

Episode ends.