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The episode starts with Rishi asking Ayush if Teacher’s house is cleaned. Ayush asks Rishi what’s the point. Rishi says Lakshmi and Parvati are coming to Mumbai tomorrow and he is pretty excited about it. Ayush asks Rishi to call him if he needs anything. Rishi agrees.

Lakshmi and Parvati pack their bags as they have to leave to Mumbai. Parvati tries to convince Dadi to come with them to Mumbai. Dadi doesn’t agree to it saying she can’t leave this place. Lakshmi agrees.

Rishi says to Rohan that there is a good news for him. Rishi asks Rohan to guess it. Rohan is not able to guess it and asks Rishi to tell him. Rishi says he is going to get a sister to him. Anushka gets excited hearing it and goes to tell Malishka about it. Rishi says to Rohan that Parvati and Lakshmi are shifting to Mumbai and says Parvati is going to study in his school. Rohan gets excited hearing this. Rishi later says to Rohan about how he made Lakshmi and Parvati come here.

Anushka passes by Neelam and doesn’t notice her. Neelam asks Anushka about it. Anushka says to Neelam that she overheard Rishi saying to Rohan that he is going to give him a sister to him. Neelam hearing this says to Anushka that it is really good news. Malishka overhears it and thanks Anushka for the good news as Neelam and Malishka thinks Rishi has decided to have kids with Malishka.

Parvati shows the gifts that she packed for Rishi and Rohan. Shalu praises Parvati.

Malishka says to Rishi that he loves her. Malishka says to Rishi that she learnt that he is going to give Rohan a sister. Rishi says yes. Rishi says tomorrow will be special day. Malishka hearing it thinks Rishi is planning something special tomorrow.

Lakshmi gets ready to leave along with Parvati and Shalu. Parvati prays to God and asks God to get her dad. Lakshmi and Shalu also pray to God. Parvati’s friends come to Parvati’s house to send her off. Parvati says good bye to them and leaves from there along with Lakshmi and Shalu.

The next day, Malishka feels excited thinking that Rishi is going to give her a surprise today. Malishka says to Anushka that she thought of decorating the room but it might ruin Rishi’s surprise so she hasn’t done it.

Lakshmi, Parvati and Shalu come to the school. The vice principal talks with Lakshmi. The vice principal says Rishi is waiting for them in his cabin and they can meet Oberoi after completing the paper work. Lakshmi agrees. Parvati goes to meet Rishi.

Parvati greets Rishi in the cabin and asks him to take her to meet Rohan. Rishi agrees and takes Parvati to Oberoi mansion.

Rishi says to Rohan that he brought his sister home. Parvati comes to Rohan. Malishka asks Rishi if he was talking about Parvati before. Rishi says yes.

Neelam and Karishma scold Rishi as he brought Parvati home when he knows Neelam doesn’t like Parvati. Harleen asks Neelam to scold Rishi after Parvati leaves from here. Neelam and others leave from there.

Malishka says to Anushka that because of what she said. Malishka started dreaming and says to Anushka what she did is not right.

Episode ends.