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The episode starts with Kiran asking Malishka what is she going to do. Malishka asks Kiran to just wait and watch. Neelam gives her speeches to Malishka. Neelam is about to leave. Malishka asks Kiran to stop Neelam. Kiran asks Neelam to sit and talk with her. Neelam agrees. Rohan and Parvati are about to leave. Malishka throws a fake lizard at Neelam and throws the blame on Parvati. Neelam believes Malishka’s words and scolds her. Parvati says she didn’t go it but Neelam doesn’t listen to her. Neelam decides to talk to Parvati’s mother about Parvati. Rohan and Parvati leave from there saying Rohan is going to drop Parvati at her home with driver Ram. Malishka asks Neelam not to meet Parvati’s mother but Neelam doesn’t budge from her decision.

Shalu returns home. Shalu greets Vindhya. Rano returns home. Lakshmi introduces Vindhya to Rano.

Rohan says to Parvati that nobody should know where are they going. Rohan and Parvati get into an auto. The driver sees Rohan and Parvati leaving in an auto.

Rano questions Shalu why are they returning to village. Shalu says to Rano that Rishi knows about Lakshmi being here and she doesn’t to stay around Rishi. Shalu also reveals how Malishka offered a hefty amount to Lakshmi to leave the village. Shalu says Lakshmi hasn’t taken the money. Rano scolds and says Lakshmi should have taken the money.

Rohan and Parvati get down at a bus stop wait for Pune bus. Two goons see Rohan and Parvati. The goons decide to abduct Parvati and Rohan and sell them.

The goons come to Rohan and Parvati. The Goons reveal to Rohan and Parvati that they are going to Pune. Rohan and Parvati hearing it asks the goons to drop both of them at Pune. The two goons agree. The two goons take Rohan and Parvati away from there in a car.

Lakshmi worries for Parvati as she hasn’t returned home till now. Lakhsmi leaves with Vindhya to bring back Parvati as she thinks Parvati is in Rishi’s home.

The goons car stops at a junction and they try to fix it. Lakshmi comes to the junction and feels Parvati’s presence and calls for her but Parvati and Rohan hide from Lakshmi. The goons after fixing the car leave from there.

Lakshmi asks Vindhya to go into the Oberoi mansion and say that she is Lakshmi’s friend and bring Parvati here. Vindhya agrees.

Rishi and Ayush return home. The Oberoi family thinks Rohan is in Parvati’s house. Rishi decides to go and get Rohan but Malishka stops him and asks Rishi to first freshen up. Vindhya comes to Oberoi mansion and says she she came here to take Parvati back. The driver comes and says he saw Parvati and Rohan leaving in an auto. Anushka hearing it says they might have ran away from the house.

Episode ends.