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The episode starts with Rishi coming to Lakshmi and asking Lakshmi what was she trying to tell him before. Lakshmi says she has some work and leaves from there.

Parvati video calls Rohan and asks him how is his wound. Rohan says he is fine. Parvati says to Rohan that she is in a village and says to Rohan that Rishi is also here. Rishi comes and talks to Rohan over the video call. Rohan says he is relieved that Rishi is with Parvati. Rohan makes Rishi promise to him that he will take care of Parvati. Rishi asks Parvati and Rohan to talk to each other and goes aside. Rohan asks Paro to take care of herself and cuts the call.

Ajay gives the phone to Rishi and tells him that his mother is continuously calling him. Rishi calls Neelam but the call doesn’t get connected. He calls Malishka to find out about Neelam. Malishka asks when he will come home. Rishi tells her that he still has work. Malishka overhears Parvati’s voice. Rishi fears thinking that Malishka overheard Paro. Malishka tells Rishi that the network is bad and cuts the call. Rishi feels relaxed. Malishka tells Anushka that her suspicion is true.

Ishita’s Grandmother tells Lakshmi that she can’t participate in a wedding ritual without her husband. Lakshmi assures her that she will call Rishi. She goes to call Rishi. Anushka asks Malishka what if Rishi starts living with Lakshmi and Paro. Malishka gets shocked. She calls Rishi and asks when he will come home. She asks if he is in the south as she is hearing marriage sound. Rishi tries to lie but Malishka catches his lie. She asks him to come home soon and cuts the call. Rishi doubts if Malishka overheard Paro calling him Dad.

Lakshmi comes to Rishi and asks him to come inside so they can attend the wedding ritual. Rishi agrees. Malishka tells Anushka that she will make Lakshmi’s fear come true and will prove to Lakshmi that Rishi betrayed trust.

Rishi and Lakshmi come to the wedding venue. Rishi goes to Paro. Malishka tells the Police about Lakshmi’s whereabouts. The inspector asks how she knows about Lakshmi’s location. Malishka says she got to know about Lakshmi’s whereabouts through Rishi’s tracker help. She asks her to thank Rishi for helping them. The inspector calls Tripur Sundaram village Police to take Lakshmi and Paro in custody.

Paro tells Rishi that she doesn’t want to get separated from Lakshmi. Rishi assures her that he will protect her all the time. Lakshmi sees them from afar. Anushka asks Malishka if Rishi really betrayed Paro by sending the location to her. Malishka tells her that she installed the tracker app on Rishi’s phone without his knowledge and now my plan will make Lakshmi hate Rishi.

Rishi comes to Lakshmi and tells her that he knows that she is secretly observing him. Rishi sits beside Lakshmi and tells her how much he liked to hold her hand. Lakshmi looks on. Anushka praises Malishka’s smartness. Pandit asks Ishita and Groom to take pheras. Ishita and her groom start taking pheras. Lakshmi thinks of her wedding seeing them. Everyone claps for newly wedded couple. Ishita’s mother asks newly wedded couple to take the elders blessings. Pandit tells everyone that couples can take pheras around the fire.

Episode ends.