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The episode starts with Rishi saying to Lakshmi that Parvati’s mother also heard what Neelam said but she hasn’t reacted like that. Lakshmi says Parvati’s mother is a not a good mother. Rishi asks Lakshmi not to judge Parvati’s mother like that and says Parvati’s mother raised Parvati really well.

Malishka stops Neelam and asks Neelam why does she need to go and confront Parvati’s mother and says they are not their level. Neelam comments on Parvati’s mother and leaves to give a piece of her mind. Karishma says she will also come with her. Harleen says she will go with Neelam to save Parvati’s mother from Neelam’s wrath.

The Goons spot the kids and the Goons asks the kids where they should be.

Rishi and Lakshmi say to the police inspector that Neelam scolded both Parvati and Rohan and they ran away from this house. Ayush shows the CCTV footage where Rohan and Parvati leave in an auto. The police says they will start searching for the kids right away.

Malishka tries to stop Neelam from going to Lakshmi’s house but Neelam doesn’t stop. Malishka makes Harleen trip so that Neelam will not go to Lakshmi. Harleen falls off the stairs. Neelam and Karishma take Harleen to her room and put her to rest. Neelam asks Harleen why did she come after her. Harleen says she is coming with her to Lakshmi’s house so that she can stop Neelam from scolding Lakshmi as she knows Neelam is at fault. Neelam comments on it. Malishka asks Neelam and Harleen to stop their argument. Malishka says they used to fight like this when Lakshmi came into this house. Neelam scolds Malishka for taking Lakshmi’s name. Neelam later says she will not allow Parvati into this house as Parvati reminds her of Lakshmi.

The main Goon asks other goon to make the kid look a little like beggars so that they can take their photos. Parvati argues with the goon. The Goons say to Rohan, Parvati and other kids that that they are going to sell them to people who make the kids beg for money.

Rohan, Parvati and other kids later think of how to escape from here.

The police inspector asks Rishi and Parvati’s mother to sign on the complaint.

Shalu worries that Lakshmi hasn’t returned home till now so she calls Vindhya as Lakshmi isn’t picking up her call. Vindhya goes to take the call. Rishi sees Lakshmi has signed on the statement. Rishi asks Lakshmi why did she sign on the statement. Lakshmi makes up a reason for it. The police later reveal to Rishi and Lakshmi about the auto driver’s address.

Kiran scolds Malishka as she tripped Harleen. Malishka says she is worried as Rishi went with Lakshmi. Malishka says to Kiran that Rishi might have found out the truth by now that Parvati is his daughter. Anushka overhears their conversation and gets shocked. Malishka asks Anushka to hide from everyone that Parvati is Rishi and Lakshmi’s daughter. Anushka agrees.

Rishi and Lakhsmi come to the auto driver’s house and they ask the auto driver about Rohan and Parvati. The auto driver says he dropped Rohan and Parvati at the bus stop and says they wanted to go to Pune. The auto driver says Rohan and Parvati left with two guys.

Episode ends.