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The episode starts with Rishi’s car getting into an accident. Lakshmi gets out of the auto and sees that it is Rishi’s car. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he is fine. Rishi gets out of the car and says he is fine. The auto driver apologises to Rishi saying the woman suddenly turned in the middle of the road so he didn’t have a choice but to turn the auto and Rishi got into an accident because of him. Rishi asks the auto driver not to worry and says that he is fine. Lakshmi sends the auto driver away. Lakshmi decides to drive the car. Lakshmi sits in the driver’s seat and starts driving the car. Lakshmi thinks of where she has to take Rishi.

Malishka looks in the mirror and thinks of Rishi and Lakshmi together. Malishka decides to break the mirror. Kiran stops Malishka and says to Malishka that mirror will be broken. Malishka starts lashing out at Kiran and says to Kiran that Rishi loves Lakshmi that’s why he went to bring Lakshmi back.

Ayush calls Shalu and asks Shalu if Rishi came there? Shalu says Rishi didn’t come. Ayush says to Shalu that Rishi already left to bring Lakshmi. Shalu and Bani feel happy hearing this.

Kiran tries to calm down Malishka saying Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi and says Rishi only loves her. Kiran reminds Malishka that if Rishi loves Lakshmi then Rishi could have married Lakshmi and no one could have stopped him but he didn’t marry Lakshmi. Kiran says to Malishka that Rishi only loves her.

Karishma comments on Rishi’s behaviour to Neelam. Karishma asks Neelam what would they do if Rishi really brings Lakshmi into this house? Neelam says to Karishma that she would not allow Lakshmi to enter this house. Neelam says to Karishma that if Rishi brings back Lakshmi into this house then she will leave this house.

Kiran tries to calm down Malishka who is crying to herself. Neelam comes to Malishka’s room. Kiran questions Neelam that if tears and sadness are only there in Malishka’s life. Kiran says to Neelam that from when Neelam brought Lakshmi into this house, Malishka’s life has become hell. Neelam admits it’s her mistake bringing Lakshmi into this house. Neelam consoles Malishka and asks Malishka not to worry. Malishka shares her concern with Neelam about Rishi bringing Lakshmi back to this house. Neelam assures Malishka that no matter what happens she will never allow Lakshmi to come in between Rishi and Malishka. Malishka thanks Neelam.

Harleen and Virendra talk about Lakshmi leaving the house. Harleen hopes that Rishi will bring back Lakshmi. Virendra thinks Lakshmi will not return home and says to Daljeet about it.

Lakshmi sees Rishi going to sleep and thinks it might be the effect of the medicine that he took for injuries. Rishi falls asleep on Lakshmi’s shoulder and asks Lakshmi why did she leave him? Lakshmi stays silent.

Karishma decides to tell Rishi about Neelam’s ultimatum but Rishi doesn’t attend his phone. Rishi wakes up after a while and asks Lakshmi where is she taking him?

Episode ends.