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The episode starts with Rishi following the car in which Lakshmi is hidden. Shalu calls Ayush and asks him if he found any clues. Ayush says he didn’t. Ayush feels helpless. Shalu encourages Ayush and says she prayed to Babaji and reminds Ayush that Rishi is also with Lakshmi. Ayush agrees.

Balwinder sees Rishi following him and tries to give him a slip. Malishka thinks why didn’t Balwinder come till now. Lakshmi hopes there is only one person who kidnapped Malishka. Balwinder gives Rishi a slip and comes to the warehouse. Lakshmi sees the car has stopped and gets down and thinks why didn’t Rishi come till now? Rishi thinks the Muslim woman gave him a slip. Rishi decides to follow Lakshmi by following her location. Rishi sees that the phone has been switched off and thinks of how to reach Lakshmi. Lakshmi decides to go and see inside what is going on.

Malishka sees a Muslim woman (Balwinder)and asks who is she and how did she come inside? Balwinder says it is him. Malishka laughs at Balwinder seeing him wear woman’s clothes. Balwinder says Rishi came after him so he had to disguise himself like this and escape from him and also says he gave Rishi a slip. Balwinder says he brought all the things she asked for and asks Malishka what is the plan? Malishka says only for this day she has to stay away from Rishi and says after that she will be together with Rishi. Balwinder prays to God to make Malishka’s wish come true. Malishka also says he will get his money. Rishi talks to himself and says what should he do as Lakshmi might think he is following her. Malishka warns Balwinder not to underestimate Rishi. Balwinder asks Malishka not to worry. Lakshmi searches inside the warehouse. Ayush feels helpless as the police might come and take Lakshmi anytime.

Ayush calls Rishi but he gets that Rishi’s phone is switched off. Dadi asks Ayush what happened? Ayush says Rishi isn’t picking up the phone. Dadi asks Ayush to call Lakshmi. Ayush agrees and calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi takes the call and says she will talk to him later. Malishka hears the ringtone and thinks someone might be here. Malishka sees Lakshmi and decides to kill her. Malishka disguises as a Muslim woman and thinks of what she will do after killing Lakshmi. The constable thinks of closing the case quickly after arresting Lakshmi so that he can take a leave. Malishka tries to kill Lakshmi but Lakshmi sees a Muslim woman trying to kill her. Lakshmi defends herself and questions the Muslim woman where is Malishka?

Rishi thinks he will take the next turn to see if the car is there. Malishka falls on the ground as Lakshmi pushes her. Rishi comes to the warehouse. Rishi sees Balwinder and beats him up. He asks Balwinder where are Lakshmi and Malishka? Balwinder says he will kill him. Malishka tries to stab Lakshmi. Lakshmi takes the weapon from Malishka’s hand and asks her who is she? Lakshmi sees that a Muslim woman (Malishka) is not answering and tries to take off the mask. Malishka stops Lakshmi from doing it and pushes her away. Rishi starts beating the crap out of Balwinder and asks where is Malishka and who is the Muslim woman that drove the car. Rishi sees that Balwinder is unconscious and leaves him there. Rishi runs into the Muslim woman( Malishka)and asks her to take off her mask and says he wants to see her face.

Episode ends.