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The episode starts with Ayush takes Rano and her family members to their home. Rano sends Bani to get the vegetables from market. Ayush sees Neha and thinks hope she won’t reveal about Rishi and Malishka to anyone. Shalu thinks hope she won’t do any magic on him. Neha thinks am I that beautiful as he is unable to shift his eyes from me than she goes inside to her home. Ayush asks Shalu to get down from car as their home came. Rano asks Neha to call Ayush inside. Neha calls Ayush to have tea. Shalu says he can’t come as he is busy with office work. Ayush says he have a time to drink tea. Shalu says I’m saving you than why you’re coming inside. Ayush says for you, let’s talk inside.

Rano warmly welcomes Ayush and she asks Neha to get tea but Neha signs she can’t than Rano sends Shalu to get the tea. Malishka asks Sumit to leave saying she will stay in Rishi’s place. Rishi comes to Sonia room and tells them that Lakshmi gets to know about candle light dinner, what to do. Sonia says lie to her and come here than I will sleep in Ahana room. Rishi says he dint want to lie to her. Malishka says go to dinner with her, why you get scared to go alone with her. Sonia says she can save him but Rishi says it’s ok, Lakshmi is good and doing so much for me so I will arrange this dinner for her and he leaves from their room. Malishka tells to Sonia that she loves when he sulk. Sonia asks won’t she get scared thinking Rishi may started liking Lakshmi. Malishka says never as Rishi loves me and he can never love that Behenji and he married her because of me.

Rano asks Ayush how much Salary he will get in Rishi company. Ayush says we are partners so we will share the profits than he says he wants water and goes to kitchen. Rishi thinks something happens to me when I’m alone with Lakshmi but I can’t feel anything for her as I love Malishka and it’s correct than he calls Sanjay and asks him to decorate his room for candle light dinner. Sanjay agrees. Karishma hears his conversion.

Ayush teases Shalu smd both fights with eachother in funny way. Karishma asks Rishi if he is really planning for candle light dinner. Rishi says Lakshmi gets to know it from Shalu so it’s needed otherwise Lakshmi may get hurt. Karishma asks him to tell what he feels. Rishi says Lakshmi is pure soul who can do anything for me and my family so I need to take care of her too and I’m loving Malishka that doesn’t mean I will cheat Lakshmi and you guys didn’t let me tell truth to Lakshmi so I’m feeling guilty for doing this to Lakshmi kind of girl. Karishma asks if he started liking her. Rishi says I told you right I can’t make you understand and he leaves. Karishma thinks he stared liking Lakshmi but didn’t realised it.

Rishi sees Lakshmi’s planting Tulasi plant and he goes to her and stares at her happily and he helps her to wash the mud from her hands. Lakshmi thanks him with smile. Rishi asks what happened. Lakshmi says you’re becoming like me silent. Rishi says it’s because of stress. Lakshmi asks reason behind his stress as she don’t want any secret between them. Rishi says I did bad to someone. Lakshmi asks him to apologize to the person if he realised his mistake. Rishi asks can she forgive him. Lakshmi asks why he is apologizing to her.

Shalu gives tea to Ayush and steps on his leg. Ayush says tea is not that good as Lakshmi’s tea is better. Shalu says you’re true di prepares best tea. Ayush says your tea is best too and he drinks whole glass in one gulp which hurts him. Rano feeds him biscuits.

Rishi remembers Neelam words to never reveal about his Markesh dosh and Marriage secret to Lakshmi than he tells to Lakshmi that I did wrong to you by avoiding you. Lakshmi says I thought you don’t like me and it’s not needed to apologize me for this small matter as your eyes reveals your love on me and you can’t live far from me and lives stay near me and I trust you more than myself. Rishi feels bad. Lakshmi gets tears. Rishi asks why tears. Lakshmi says Shalu teases me that I’m must work in tv as I get tears easily and she told me that I look good while crying. Rishi says you look good when you’re smiling. Lakshmi smiles. Rishi says perfect.

Episode ends.