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The episode starts with Ranjit’s men allowing Parvati to talk to Lakshmi. Parvati asks Lakshmi to either seek Dad’s help or police help and says she is fine here. Ranjit later says to Lakshmi that she needs to come to the location that he asked her to come and asks Lakshmi not to contact the police. Ranjit cuts the call. Shalu suggests Lakshmi that they should take police help. Lakshmi doesn’t agree to it and says they should first go and save Parvati and says she can’t risk Parvati’s life. Shalu and Lakshmi leave to Parvati’s location.

Rishi thinks he lost his way. Rishi searches for Parvati.

Harleen asks Rohan why is he doing Pooja at this time. Rohan says to Harleen that Parvati has been kidnapped and Rishi has gone to save Parvati.

Parvati prays to God and hopes that Rishi will come and rescue Lakshmi.

Ranjit asks the Pandit if all the arrangements are ready. The Pandit says yes. Ranjit asks the pandit to do the marriage in a hurry. The pandit asks Ranjit if this is a forced marriage. Ranjit coerces the pandit to do the marriage. The pandit agrees.

Shalu and Lakshmi reach the location specified by Lakshmi. Shalu says they should have a plan to save Lakshmi. Shalu reminds Lakshmi how Ranjit tried to marry her. Shalu says to Lakshmi that Ranjit might use Parvati as a pawn to blackmail her into marrying him. Shalu says she should not give in and allow Ranjit to succeed.

Ayush calls Rishi and asks Rishi if he found Parvati. Rishi says no and says Rohan also told him a location but be couldn’t find it. Ayush asks Rishi to stay strong and calm down. Rishi agrees.

Malishka comes to Kiran’s house. Kiran asks Malishka what happened. Malishka tells Kiran what happened till now.

Lakshmi and Shalu see that the door is locked and they try to open it so that they could use this escape route. Lakshmi tries to open the door using a hair pin.

Malishka says to Kiran that Rishi left her to save a stranger and comments on it. Kiran says she shouldn’t have stayed here. Kiran says to Malishka that she should go to Gurudaspur to support Rishi. Kiran reminds Malishka that now Rishi is taking a step towards her and if she goes and supports him at this time then he will be forced to do his duty as her husband. Malishka agrees and thanks Kiran for her advice.

Parvati and Ranjit argue about what happened. Parvati says her dad is going to come and beat her up.

Anushka and Karishma think where has Malishka gone. Malishka messages Anushka that she is fine. Anushka says to Karishma about it.

Shalu sees Ranjit’s men coming so she and Lakshmi hide from him. Lakshmi and Shalu later come out after Ranjit’s men leaves from there. Lakshmi unlocks the lock and says to Shalu that now they can use this as escape route. Shalu agrees.

Rishi thinks he took a wrong turn and decides to go back and start from there.

Ranjit’s man comes and says to Ranjit that there is no one around. Ranjit asks his men to take Parvati away from here. Ranjit’s men agree.

One of Ranjit’s men unties Parvati to take her to a new place. Parvati pushes the guy and runs away from there. Ranjit asks his men to capture Parvati. Ranjit’s men chase Parvati. Parvati comes out of the warehouse doesn’t go in Lakshmi and Shalu’s direction and goes in another way.

Ranjit looks at Gunny Sack and gets an idea.

Parvati spots Rishi and tries to call him but Ranjit’s men catch her and take her away. Ranjit’s men decide to take Rishi away from here.

Lakshmi says to Shalu that Ranjit is waking up Goddess Kali in her and says Ranjit can see what a mother can do for her daughter.

Episode ends.