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The episode starts with Balwindar trying to kidnap Lakshmi and Rishi hears Lakshmi and thinks of going to see her. Neelam comes and talks to Rishi and asks him to see why have the lights went out and call the maintenance as the inverter is not working. Rishi says he will give and check it out. Roshi hears Lakshmi’s voice and goes to see in the kitchen he doesn’t see Lakshmi but finds her slippers and her phone there and thinks something is not right and calls for Lakshmi and searches for her.

Malishka calls Balwindar and thinks to herself why is he not picking up the phone if he got caught by Rishi and takes her name then Rishi will not even want to see her and he will get close to Lakshmi again. I have to stop it.

Neelam and Karishma talk about why the lights went out. Virendra says he will go and check. Neelam says he already sent Rishi to check it out. Neelam says today is a bad day and says even Rishi and Lakshmi did not have a divorce. Karishma asks why they couldn’t have as all the factors are against Lakshmi. Neelam says she doesn’t know. Virendra says don’t talk about it now let’s talk about it after the engagement.

Neelam doesn’t hear him and talk about Lakshmi with him. Virendra says again we can talk about it after the engagement. Karishma agrees with Virendra. Malishka tries to find Balwindar and she runs into Neelam and asks what is she doing here. Malishka says Rishi is not with her from when the engagement started. She says Lakshmi might have done something. Neelam says she will talk to him after the engagement. Balwindar tries to Lakshmi and Rishi sees him and takes a rod and beats Balwindar with it.

Balwindar and Rishi get into a scuffle and Rishj tries to take off Balwindar’s mask to see who it is. Balwindar doesn’t let him. When Balwindar tries to take the knife . Lakshmi thinks of what Pandit ji said. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave him.  Rishi leaves and Balwindar runs away with his knife.  Balwindar thinks of what happened and shouts in anger. Lakshmi convinces Rishi not to go after him as he has a knife. Rishi agrees and asks her what happened.

 Rishi says we can find him in cctv and Lakshmi says we will only see him with a mask like this. Rishi lectures her. Lakshmi says he had a knife and he closed my mouth and how can I shout for help it’s lucky that I hit him with a frying pan and I called for help and Riahi says I heard it and came to save you. Rishi asks if I didn’t come then what would have happened. Rishi asks her to take take care of herself. Lakshmi thinks in her heart you are there to do it right so I won’t do it.

Rishi talks as if he heard what she is thinking. Lakshmi gets hurt by hitting her leg to a rock. Rishi tries to check it out but Lakshmi doesn’t let her. Rishi stops her and checks her wound and cares for it. Lakshmi thinks if he cared for her like that then it will be hard if she couldn’t have him in the future. Rishi helps her to walk.

Neelam scolds the maintenance people how could this kind of thing happen on their watch. Virendra stops her and let them go. Virendra tries to calm her down.

Neelam sees Rishi and Lakshmi coming hand in hand. Neelam tells them to stop and says  to Lakshmi that she will not set foot in the house. Neelam takes Rishi into the house and says they can’t stand Lakshmi and says she is bad luck first Ahana walks away and next the light goes out and if we can talk about her after the engagement. Mrs Gujral says but this engagement is not going to happen.

Karishma asks why as there is still auspicious time for the engagement. Mrs Gujral says there might be auspicious time but there is nothing left in this engagement. Neelam blames Lakshmi for it. Mrs Gujral says Lakshmi didn’t do anything and everything that did it was Ahana. Mrs Gujral says Ahana is pregnant. Neelam says they respect her but they will not let her accuse Ahana falsely. Mrs Gujral says you are falsely accusing Lakshmi not me and whatever false accusations you made on Lakshmi are Ahana’s as she is pregnant with her X lover and she wants to keep the child. Mrs Gujral if you don’t believe me you can asks Ahana if she is pregnant. Neelam says there is no need to ask. Rishi says what Mrs Gujral saying is right and Ahana is pregnant. Ayush denies what Rishi says and Ahana why is she found this.

 Ayush says I know you want to save Lakshmi and that’s why you are doing it right. Sonia says why are you trying to save her. Ahana says I am not trying to save her and she saved me till now and she gave me the courage to keep the child. Virendra says but we have seen the report that Lakshmi is pregnant. Ahana shows the real report and says Lakshmi wrote her name in my place so that. Ahana says sorry. Mrs. Gujral takes Gautham away.

Episode ends.