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The episode starts with a nurse taking Lakshmi to a dark room. The nurse asks Lakshmi to sit in a corner. Lakshmi says to the nurse she doesn’t want to stay here. Lakshmi bites the nurse. The nurse asks Lakshmi to stay here. The nurse locks the door and leaves from there.

The inspector tells Rishi that Lakshmi is mentally ill and asks Rishi how could Lakshmi stay with them. Bani asks the inspector what’s wrong with Lakshmi staying with them. The inspector says there is a problem and says if Lakshmi is certified by the doctor that she is mentally fine then she will go to jail under the charges of fire attempt. Virendra calls Lawyer Malkani and asks him to come to the police station.

Karishma asks Kiran to tell Malishka to be careful with what she is doing. Karishma says to Kiran that Malishka has crossed the line as she involved the police and mental asylum people.

The inspector asks the constables to put Rishi, Ayush, and Lakshmi sisters in jail. Rishi begs the inspector to give him a chance to bring Lakshmi out of the mental asylum.

Kiran thanks Karishma as she and Neelam are always supporting Malishka. Malishka comes and asks Karishma what is she doing here.

The inspector says to Rishi that he can’t help him in anyway in this matter until the doctor certifies that Lakshmi is mentally stable. The inspector asks the constables to put them in jail. Lawyer Malkani gives the papers to the inspector and assures Virendra that nobody will get arrested today. Harleen asks the lawyer what about Lakshmi. The lawyer says they can’t do anything about Lakshmi as whatever happened it was right in front of the cops and the doctor. The lawyer says they can’t do anything legally.

Kiran says to Malishka how Karishma came here to tell her to explain Malishka to be careful. Malishka asks Karishma if she came here to complaint about her. Karishma says to Malishka that they are all her well wishers and asks Malishka to be careful. Malishka says whatever and leaves from there.

Ayush and Lakshmi’s sisters come to the mental asylum and they think of how to bring Lakshmi out of the mental asylum. But they don’t get any idea.

Lakshmi bangs on the door and says she doesn’t want to stay here. The nurse comes and asks Lakshmi to stop it. Lakshmi says she and Rishi don’t want to stay here. The nurse hearing this thinks how could Rishi be inside and goes to check it out. The nurse sees that Lakshmi is speaking about the doll. The nurse warns Lakshmi to keep silent if not she will give her an injection and put her to sleep and she will also hurt Rishi. Lakshmi asks the nurse not to do it and says she will stay here. The nurse later leaves from there.

Rishi later gets an idea on how to bring Lakshmi out of jail and says to Ayush and Lakshmi’s sisters about it. Lakshmi’s sisters praise Rishi’s idea and thinks it’s possible.

The doctor calls Sonal to ask for the remaining money that Malishka offered. The doctor asks Malishka for the money. Malishka warns the doctor to be careful of Rishi and says he might try to save Lakshmi. Malishka also asks the doctor to give treatment to Lakshmi in such a way that she will be completely mad forever. The doctor says he can’t do it right away as if he does that he might get caught. Malishka agrees.

Lakshmi looks at Rishi and thinks she needs to figure out away to get out of here.

Episode ends.