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The episode starts with Gopi is lost in his thoughts. Chezhiyan comes there to start a conversation with him. He apologies to Gopi. He glares him in return and says that he can’t able to believe that Chezhiyan done like this to him. Doesn’t he feel happy to know he gonna buy a flat. Chezhiyan says to him that he wishes to share with him after purchased it. Gopi shares to him that he used to ask Chezhiyan’s suggestions in small small things. Even Chezhiyan too like that but he hide it from him. He would have feel proud to see him buying new flat. Gopi says that he said this to Jeny and asks her father to help him. But he didn’t share it with his father. Is he thinking that he will stop him or he will ask money to him if he is in financial crisis?

Chezhiyan deny it. Gopi questions him Is he misunderstand that he will ask the money to him which he spend for his marriage? He deny it. Gopi says to him that he disappointed him and family today. He didn’t expected this from him. Gopi shares the past incidents to him and question him why did he changed now? If he share it with him then he would have enquired about the builder and that area. Chezhiyan says to him that he don’t wish to bother him. Gopi says to him that it’s not a big deal but he hide this matter from him that’s what hurting him a lot. Is he expecting him to stop poking his head in his matters? He leaves from there disappointed.

Chezhiyan complaints on Jeny. Ezhil says to him that he is still blaming Jeny for it. Ezhil advises to him that Gopi likes him more then him. Gopi can’t able to see Chezhiyan behaved like this to him. Ezhil questions him why did he hide this from him? He adds that he has anger on Gopi because he don’t trust him at all. He can’t able to see Gopi was hurt like this. But he trust Chezhiyan a lot. Ezhil warns him to don’t argue with Jeny foe it.

Chezhiyan questions Jeny why did she said everything to Grandma? She informs to him that Grandma hears it unknowingly. Chezhiyan scolds her for ruining everything. He complaints that he can’t able to pay the amount to that flat also and his truth was revealed to his family. He badmouth on her and says she has no idea how to behave. Everyone opposed in their relationship but he didn’t listen to hem and married to her believing her drama. Jeny asks him to stop taking like this. Chezhiyan complaints that Gopi is not talking with him he is ignoring him. How will he face him hereafter. Jeny tries to console him by holding his hand but he raises his hand to slap her. Dhanam stops him and questions him how could he try to slap her?

Chezhiyan insults Dhanam foe poking her head in his family matters. Everyone gets shock to hear it. Kannan takes Dhanam from there angrily. Ezhil questions him why is he talking like this? Chezhiyan asks who is Dhanam to question him? Ezhil complaints to Bhagya that Chezhiyan creating all problem here if he feels buying new flat is not a big deal then he can talk with dad but he is showing his anger on Jeny and tried to slap her that’s why Dhanam stopped him. Chezhiyan blames Jeny and leaves from there. Bhagya thinks what happened to him?

Bhagya consoles Jeny and assures to her that she will talk with him. Dhanam, Mullai and Kannan are sitting in same room. Mullai says to Dhanam let’s leave from there Kannan too nods with her. Mullai says to Dhanam that she wouldn’t have called her if it will end up like this. Kannan complaints that Chezhiyan shouted on Dhanam unnecessarily. Mullai says it’s not good to stay here let’s leave from here before the engagement. Kannan says to her he will arrange the car to leave. Mullai asks him to ask Prasanth to help him. Kannan dislikes it. He says to Mullai he can able to deal with it by saying he leaves from there. Bhagya takes Jeny to Chezhiyan room. Easwari and Iniya is there. Bhagya questions Chezhiyan why is he behaving like this? How could he raise his hand to slap Jeny?

Chezhiyan argues with her that he didn’t do anything wrong. Bhagya tells him that he decided to buy a new flat in his own wish. She doesn’t care about it because he is earning he can buy anything with his money. But for sharing the truth how could he scold Jeny? It’s his mistake hiding the truth from all but he raised his hand to slap her its wrong. He badmouth on Dhanam it’s also wrong. She demands him to apologies to Dhanam. Easwari dislikes it and supports Chrzhiyan. Bhagya says to Easwari don’t support him in everything. Even Gopi won’t raise his hand to slap her. Chezhiyan behaving strange today. May he grown up but don’t show his anger and attittude to ladies. She lashes out at him and leaves from there. Easwari asks him to ignore her.

Jeny and Iniya are standing in balcony. Chezhiyan comes there to pick a fight with her. He again blames Jeny for his mistakes not realizing it. Iniya brings Ezhil there. He argues with him for Jeny and tries to advise to him but he is not listening to anyone there. He adamant in his decision and accusing Jeny is the reason behind all problems. Ezhil says to him no one is anger on for buying a new house but for hiding the truth from all why is he scolding Jeny for it. Chezhiyan says that Jeny shared this to all before him for that how could they blame him. Because of her Dhanam quastioned him. He dislikes it. Iniya too blame Chezhiyan for his mistakes he takes everything in wrong way and decided to leave from there. He asks Jeny to her ready but she refuses to go with him reasoning let’s leave together. Chezhiyan gets angry on her more for thinking for others always. He complaints that all are important to her then him. He leaves to pack his bag. Iniya brings her parents there.

Hearing their sound Dhanam reaches there too. All are trying to stop Chezhiyan but he is not listening to anyone words there. Dhanam feels guilty and apologies to him for poking her head in his matters. Bhagya dislikes it and stops her. Chezhiyan leaves from there in anger. Prasanth runs behind him to stop him. Malli asks Jeny to stop him but Bhagya stops her and says Chezhiyan won’t listen to anyone there. Let him go. Dhanam apologies to her. Bhagya apologies to her behalf of Chezhiyan. Mullai says to Dhanam let’s leave from here. She nods to her. Everyone gets shock to hear it.

Episode end.