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The episode starts with Hema hugs Kannamma and cries. Bharathi notices this and gets angry. Lakshmi alerts Kannamma that Bharathi is coming. Bharathi is keep glaring Kannamma. Kannamma asks Hema to share her grief with her grandma she will take care of the rest. Bharathi asks Hema to come with him but she is not listening to him at all. Lakshmi questions Bharathi why is he transferring Hema’s school? Bharathi tells her that Lakshmi wishes to become a collector so she can study here.

Hema wanna be a CEO so she might study in America. Lakshmi says to him if she studied here also she can achieve her dream. Bharathi shares to her there is virus in this place it’s deadly serious then Corona he don’t wanna harm his daughter that’s why he is leaving with her. Kannamma complaints that he may be a big doctor but he don’t know what’s in his own daughter heart? Why don’t he understand what’s she like or dislike?

Bharathi tells to Hema he will leave forever if she don’t go with him. Kannamma says to Hema just share this to Soundarya then she will deal with it. Bharathi is pulling Hema from Kannamma but she is not leaving Kannamma. He forcefully takes away Hema from her. Kannamma cries seeing her state.

Shanthi reaches to house in Kumar’s auto. Shanthi gives the amount to Kumar but he says he has no change in his hand. Kumar notices Venba and says he don’t need money reasoning she is Bharathi’s wife. Bharathi is a good person. Kumar leaves from there. Venba shares her happiness with Shanthi when Auto driver mentions her as Bharathi’s wife. Venba shares to her that Kumar is Kannamma’s auto driver. Shanthi says many villains are raising against her but she is getting happy for small things. She provokes Venba against Akhil and Anjali.

Venba complaints she is not allowing her to be happy for 5 minutes. Akhil notices Hema has fever. He informs it to Soundarya. Soundarya says let’s ask to Bharathi. Venu complaints that because of Bharathi Hema is in this state. Hema murmuring Cooking aunty name and talking with her in dream. Soundarya feels emotional after seeing her state.

Soundarya says he don’t understand small girl heart Is he a doctor? Soundarya says that Hema is Bharathi’s everything he will buy everything for her but adamant in this decision. Soundarya tells them even Kannamma quit her work in school. Venu questions her why is she doing this?

Soundarya says may she wanna ignore the problem. Akhil says all are playing with kids feelings. Hema lost Cooking aunty and Lakshmi in same time. Hema feels sad. Hema questions Soundarya will Kannamma comes to meet her? Soundarya assures to her she will definitely come. Akhil says if Bharathi is younger then him he would have beaten him for doing like this. Soundarya says Bharathi heart turns to stone.

Tualsi advises to Kannamma why don’t she take a good decision in it why is she quit? Tulasi gives a offer to her. Sumathi brings Vada to Kannamma. Kannamma enquires Sumathi about her husband.

Sumathi thank Kannamma for changing her husband character and turns him to be a good human being. Sumathi says she is seems to be disturbed what’s bothering her? Kannamma shares everything to her what happened in school. Kannamma says Hema hugged Kannamma tightly and didn’t left her. She fears Bharathi may harm Hema. Kannamma shares the actual reason to Sumathi.

Episode end..