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The episode starts with Shanthi notices Venba getting ready beautifully in traditional way. Venba questions Shanthi how is she looking in this dress? She praises her beauty and says she looks like family girl now. Venba glares her.

Shanthi questions her why is she trying this new get up? Venba shares to her that Bharathi doubting that she will torture Hema after marriage. She will definitely do it but she wanna make him believe that she won’t do such things through this get up. Shanthi asks her to impress Hema and make her being close to her. Venba nods and leaves to meet Bharathi. Soundarya meets Kannamma and questions her Is she has any problems in family or health issues? Kannamma deny it. Soundarya questions her why did she quit the cooking work in school?

Kannamma lies to her that she can’t able to take care of that work. Soundarya asks her to stop lying she know well she took this decision for Hema. Why don’t she think about Hema she went to school to eat her hand made food daily. How many days she fed her with her hand why don’t she reminds that love?

Kannamma shares to her that she can’t able to solve others problem. She feels happy if she don’t create problems in others life. Soundarya questions her how many days she will run like this? Kannamma says as much as possible!

Soundarya says she has a good life in front of her. So stop talking like a aged people. Lakshmi is there for her why don’t she think about her future. She questions her where is that old Kannamma whom faced every situation bravely? She says to her still she is same Kannamma. Soundarya complaints that Bharathi decided to transfer Hema’s school adamantly Hema got fever in fear. She was mentioning Kannamma name in sleep. Kannamma feels emotional to hear it. Soundarya blabbers that Hema has problem with Father and mother.

Kannamma questions her what did Venba did to her? Soundarya manages the situation. Kanmamma says to Soundarya that she likes Hema a lot that’s why she is staying away from her.

Bharathi don’t like her being close with Hema. He will punish her because of Kannamma. Soundarya shares to her that she got happy to see Lakshmi and Hema being close with each other. Lakshmi comes there and learns from Soundarya Hema is sick. She gets surprise to hear Lakshmi also mentioning Kannamma as cooking aunty. Soundarya asks Lakshmi to sit in car and advises to Kannamma stop snatching the rights from Lakshmi to mention her as mom. She asks her that continues her work in school.

Bharathi is eating for Venba. She comes there and gets down from car. Bharathi gets surprise to see her in that tradition dress. He praises her look. Venba feels happy to hear it. Bharathi asks her to wear traditional dress often its suiting you well. Venba asks Bharathi to share the matter. He stares to her that he can’t able to meet him often reasoning he is going to abroad. Venba questions him doesn’t he get a good school here to make her study? Bharathi says to her that actual reason is Kannamma. Soundarya trying to bring her back to his life. Venba says it’s usual one why is he bringing it here.

Bharathi shares all the matter to her and blames his family. He adds that Hema is mentioning Kannamma name often she is getting into his nerves. Venba thinks how will she stop him. Bharathi says it’s good if he go and stay far away from all. Venba says to him that she wishes to go to America. Bharathi questions her why is she trying to shift there. Bharathi asks her don’t go there reasoning if he meets her often she will bring Kannamma topic always. Bharathi leaves from there.

Venba thinks how to stop him. Venu and Akhil are checking temperature of Hema. Anjali feeds food to Hema. Soundarya brings Lakshmi there. Lakshmi says to Hema soon her fever will go down. Hema shares to her that she don’t wanna go to America. Hema adds that she will miss Lakshmi and Kannamma if she go there. Lakshmi consoles her.

Episode end.