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The episode starts with Kannamma thinks that she doesn’t know how will she pass 4 days and bring Hema back to home? She feels like she wouldn’t have listened to Soundarya and bring Hema home with her itself. Why should she worry about Bharathi whom didn’t cared about her feelings yet and giving tough time to her. She thinks that Soundarya is also Correct Bharathi loving Hema a lot but she can’t allow Hema to stay there for that. Kannamma lighten the lamp and prays to god. She complaints that she didn’t saw her baby’s face when did she borned. She met her when she is 7. She can’t able to live far away from her daughter anymore. She prays to god don’t separate her daughter from here. Hema comes there and mentions her as mom.

Kannamma hugs her and questions her Is she her mom? Is she gave birth to her? Kannamma nods with her and tells her that she won’t let her go anywhere leaving her. Just then her hallucination disappears. Soundarya lost in her thoughts. Bharathi comes there and tells her that she wanna talk with her for few minutes. He says to her when he failed to score good marks in +2 he don’t like to come back to home. But everyone panic when he didn’t return to home. On that day Soundarya advised to him be honest with himself in all situation. Bharathi complaints that Soundarya whom taught him to don’t lie but she started lie a lot. Something is happening but no one sharing it with all. Soundarya tells him that he is thinking a lot.

Bharathi questions Soundarya why did Kannamma came here? Venu tried to send him out in rush? Kannamma pampered Hema a lot. Even Soundarya reached there on that time? Soundarya tells him that he is staring everything in suspecting way. Bharathi complaints that Kannamma is not a person to come here without reason. If they don’t call she won’t come here. He doubts why did she showed that much love on Hema? Soundarya says to him that he is thinking unnecessary. Bharathi tells her that he doesn’t know what to do what was his mistake. If someone snatches Hema from him then he will die. Soundarya questions him why is he talking like this? Bharathi says to her that she gave a meaning to his life after bringing Hema to him. They created an emotional bond between Hema and Kannamma. He fears that Hema loves Kannamma more then him. He says to her that he won’t sacrifice Hema for anyone.

Venba is reading book. Shanthi questions her Is she need sleeping pills then say to her. She complaints that Venba used to blabber Kannamma’s name in sleep. She is showing the anger to Shanthi in sleep thinking her as Kannamma. Even she beaten her in sleep. Venba denies it. Shanthi asks her to sleep alone and leaves from there. Venba switches off the light and gets scared to see Kannamma sitting near her. When she switches on the light she disappeared from there. It’s happening repeated. Kannamma demands Venba to say where is her daughter? She slaps Venba and strangle her neck. Venba strangles her own neck in illusion. Shanthi comes there and checks her. Venba beats Shanthi in anger.

Kannamma wears the sarie gift by Soundarya, same time Lakshmi comes there wearing the dress which gifted by Bharathi. Kannamma praises her dress. Lakshmi questions her where are they going? She informs to her that
They are going to temple. Lakshmi gets happy to see Kannamma booked cab. Kannamma informs to her that one more person gonna come with them. Lakshmi keeps questioning her who is that? Kannamma asks her to guess it. Lakshmi pleads her to say. Kannamma says that they are gonna take Hema with them on the way. They leaves from there

Episode end.